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there is no pathophysiology for NSD!!

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Q: Pathophysiology of normal spontaneous delivery
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What is the pathophysiology of normal spontaneous vaginal delivery?

wala akong maisasagot..nagtatanong nga eh

What is normal spontaneous delivery?

Medically, a normal spontaneous delivery is called a "normal vaginal birth" or "vaginal birth without complications".

Normal spontaneous vaginal delivery?


Procedure of normal spontaneous delivery?


What is NSVD?

NSVD stands for Normal Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery.

What medical instruments are used in a normal spontaneous vaginal delivery?


Instruments needed during normal spontaneous vaginal delivery?


What are the pictures and functions of instruments used in normal spontaneous delivery?

There are no known sources of pictures or functions of the instruments used in normal spontaneous delivery. There is risk of unwanted and illegal surgeries performed by making this information available.

What is normal spontaneous vaginal delivery?

it means child coming out of vagina. This is the most common process of birth.

What are the instruments used in normal spontaneous delivery?

surgical scissor, bandage scissor, kelly curve and straight

What is the difference between spontaneous vertex delivery and spontaneous vaginal delivery?

spontaneous vertex delivery is a more specific term, meaning it defines the unaided vaginal delivery where the vertex is the presenting part. spontaneous vaginal delivery stands for all unaided vaginal deliveries, whether vertex or breech.

What is the medical term meaning full-term normal delivery?

A normal head first delivery is known as a Spontaneous Vertex Delivery (SVD). The vertex is the medical name for the part of the baby's head that is delivered first (the baby is lying with the chin on the chest (head tucked in))

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