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The snowflake dance as it walked to the ground

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Can you personify a snowflake in one sentence?

Personification is a literary term in which inanimate objects are given human-like characteristics. An example of personification with a snowflake would be: The powdery snowflake seemed to dance and giggle it drifted through the air.

Personify a snowflake in a sentence?

snowflakes is often happen in some other countries.,.that is made up of snow in which people enjoy looking at it.,.,

Is the word snowflake one word or two?

Snowflake is one word. Used in an example sentence "the snowflake looks pretty under the microscope".

Can you personify an old computer in one sentence?

The old computer was not going to be used again.

How do you use personify in a sentence?

the author personified the house when she described the its windows! .............. u are welcome

How do you wrte a sentence using personify?

the tree spread it's arms [it's branch ]

How can you use each as an adjective in a sentence?

Each snowflake is unique.

Can you give me examples of compound word in a sentence?

"The snowflake was large.""The paintbrush is old."

What is your 3 inch crystal snowflake pendant worth?

I thought my crystal snowflake was a secret. Who told you I had one?

What is a snowflake called on its own?

one snow flake is called a snowflake lots of snowflakes are called snow

How would someone personify Doctor Who?

To be able to personify Doctor Who one must first know the common characteristics of Doctor Who, the way he speaks, his common gestures or manirism and the way he carries himself.

What is the word for snowflake in latin?


Is snow flake one word?

Yes, it is : snowflake.

What is one code for crib life com?


What is 'snowflake' in Romanian?

Fulg de zăpadă is a Romanian equivalent of 'snowflake'.

Can snowflake be the same as a other snowflake?

no never

What part of speech is snowflake?

Snowflake is a noun.

Where is the Snowflake Heritage Foundation in Snowflake Arizona located?

The address of the Snowflake Heritage Foundation is: 1020 W Flake Ave, Snowflake, AZ 85937-5093

Why is a snowflake called a snowflake?

Because it is a flake of snow

How do you say snowflake in German?

The snowflake is "die Schneeflocke".

How many spokes does a snowflake have?

A snowflake has six spokes.

Is a snowflake a natural form?

A snowflake is a natural form.

What is 'snowflake' in Welsh?

Pluen eira

How many fingers does a snowflake have?

there are 12 fingers on a snowflake.

Define the term snowflake baby?

what is a "snowflake baby"

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