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Q: Phase of plant mitosis when the cell plate forms?
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What is a cell plate and in what stage of mitosis does it forms?

what is a cell plate and in what stage of mitosis does it forms

At the end of mitosis in a plant cell what forms to separate cytoplasm from the daughter cells?

cell plate

In which phase of mitosis is a cell plate visible?


What forms at the end of telophase to separate plant cells?

At the end of plant cell mitosis, a cell plate forms between the two new nuclei. The new cell walls then form along the cell plate.

Campare plant mitosis from animal mitosis?

They are basically the same, except in animal mitosis, the cell goes through cytokinesis, which means the cytoplasm splits in two. In plant cells the cell plate forms in between the newly separated nuclei, which turns into a cell wall of the cell.

What cell has a cell plate in the midline of the cell?

Plant cells have cell plates during mitosis. Instead of pinching in and splitting in half like an animal cell, it forms a cell plate and splits.

In what phase does the cleavage furrow appear?

A cleavage furrow forms during the Telophase phase. During the Metaphase phase chromosomes line up in the center of cell at the metal plate.

Whats the phase of mitosis in which the duplicated chromosomes form an x shape?

In prophase they begin to coil, but they forms the X shape and line up on the metaphase plate during metaphase.

What does not distinguish mitosis in plant cells from mitosis in animal cells?

A plant cell, during mitosis, has no centriole, so in the second phase [metaphase], spindle fibers do not connect to the [missing] centriole that move in opposite directions in animal cell mitosis. Also, instead of having a cleavage, like in animal cell mitosis, a cell plate forms. Animal cells do not have centrioles so the spindle fibers do not connect to centrioles and move to opposite poles, spindle fibers are instead formed by microtubules. Additionally, in the telophase in plant cells, the cytoplasm does not narrow or compress, a cell plate is instead formed in the centre of the cell and this divides it into two daughter cells.

Phase of mitosis when chromosome doublets line up along equatorial plate?


Mitosis in animal cells is different from mitosis in plant cells because?

plant cells use a cell plate to separate daughter cells

In a PLant What is a plate that separates the daughter cells after mitosis?

The cell wall.