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Jan Feb Mar Apr MayJun Jul Aug Sep Oct NovDec Avg. High 65° 70° 75° 84° 94° 104° 105° 104° 98° 88° 74° 66° Avg. Low 41° 44° 48° 55° 64° 72° 81° 78° 72° 60° 48° 41° Mean 54° 58° 62° 70° 78° 88° 94° 92° 86° 75° 62° 54° Avg. Precip. 0.7 in 0.7 in 0.9 in 0.3 in 0.1 in 0.1 in 0.8 in 1.0 in 0.9 in 0.7 in 0.7 in 1.0 in Degrees in Fahrenheit

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Q: Phoenix AZ average temperature summer
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How from is Overgaard AZ to Phoenix AZ?

From Overgaard, Az. to Phoenix, Az. 138 miles.

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Miles from Marana AZ to Phoenix AZ?

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What is the temperature in Phoenix AZ in June and July?

anywhere from 100 - 115 degrees Fahrenheit

How many miles is scottsdale AZ from Phoenix AZ?

It is about 23.5 miles from Scottsdale,AZ to Phoenix,AZ

How many rainy days in Phoenix AZ?

On average, there are 34 days per year in Phoenix, Arizona where the city gets more than 0.1mm of precipitation. May and June are typically the driest months and August is the wettest. Snow is rare in Phoenix, with an average temperature of 69 degree Fahrenheit. July is the hottest month, when temperature averages are close to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the 2008 annual rainfall for Phoenix AZ?

The average annual rainfall is 8.3 inches.

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Average winter temp in phoenix, AZ

What was the temperature of the hottest day in history for Phoenix AZ and what day?

The highest temperature recorded at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix was 122° F (50° C) on June 26, 1990.

How far from Phoenix to mesa AZ?

The distance from Mesa AZ to Phoenix AZ is around 19 miles.

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