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Phonetic spelling of the word facade?

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FuhSAHD is the phonetic spelling.

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What is the phonetic spelling for flinch?

According to IPA, the phonetic spelling of flinch is /flɪntʃ/ In spelled pronunciation, the word is pronounced /flinch/.

How do you spell facade as in a facing on a building?

That is the correct spelling of the word facade (fuh-sahd), from the French façade.

What is phonetic spelling of democracy?

what is the phonetic spelling of democracy

How do you spell Iran in its phonetic spelling?

The spelling of Iran is already phonetic: "I-ran".

How is the word toeord spelled correctly?

That is the phonetic spelling of the word "toward" (in the direction of).

What is the phonetic spelling for tasty?

The phonetic spelling for tasty is taste-ee.

What word if used for spelling something the way it is said?

I think the term you are looking for is phonetic spelling.

How is the word genre pronounced?

john-rurr is the phonetic spelling of genre.

How do you pronounce the word Gemini?

Jehm-en-I is the phonetic spelling of Gemini

What is phonetic spelling and how is it used?

phonetic spelling is spelling a word the way it sounds. Children often tend to do that while they are learning phonetic would become 'fonetic' and come would be 'cum'yacht would be 'yotIt would make life much simpler wouldn't it ?

How do you spell qwiat?

The word with the phonetic spelling qwiat is quiet(silent, or not loud).

How do you spell pasafire?

The word with that phonetic spelling is pacifier (a sucking implement for babies).

What is phonatic spelling?

Phonetic spelling is when you spell a word the way it is pronounced (Example you'd spell could as cud)

Is init a word in slang?

No, it's dialect. It's just a phonetic spelling of "isn't it."

Why isn't phonetic spelled the way it sounds?

Answer: "phonetic" is an alphabetical representation of the word phonetic.There could be a phonetic representation of the word phonetic as /fəˈnetɪk/.The users of the language English have agreed upon the spelling system they have today.However unscientific, fraught with bizarre rules it might be, it is part of the agreement of the users of that language. The same should apply roughly to all spelling systems. Yes, including devnagari spelling systems as well. No spelling system can be expected to be faithful to the exact pronunciations. That is how the facts are.

Greek word for evil?

The Greek word for evil phonetic spelling is (pon-ay-ros').The real spelling is in Greek symbols that can't be duplicated on a keyboard.

When you spell a word incorrectly but how it sounds?

The term you are searching for is phonetics. It is common in the dictionary for the pronunciation in English. Look at the proper spelling and in the parentheses is the phonetic spelling of the word.

How do you spell f as a word?

You don't spell it out except when discussing its phonetic use. Normally you just write F. But the phonetic spelling would be "eff."

Is Spanish phonetic?

Spanish has a very consistent spelling system but it is not phonetic.

How do you pronounce the word imbibe?

It is pronounced exactly as it is written - the phonetic spelling would be the same as the correct spelling. Accent is on the second syllable.

What is a sentence containing the word phonetic in it?

"She had a problem with German spelling as she spelled the words with English phonetics."

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