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There is usually an SD card slot on the front of the computer, or on the side if it's a laptop. Just plug it in and you should be able to use it like a USB device. An Autoplay option should come up and you can drag and drop the photos onto your computer. If that doesn't work, insert the SD card into a camera, connect the camera to the computer using a USB plug, and either use that Autoplay option or retrieve the pictures with the Camera and Scanner wizard, or an application that came with your camera such as Kodak EasyShare.

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Q: Pictures from sd card onto your computer?
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How do you print photos from Nintendo DSi?

You can't print pictures directly from a DSi, but you can put the pictures you've taken onto an SD card. Then you can put the SD card in a computer (by an SD card reader or an SD card slot in a laptop) and print it from there.

How do you save pictures from your computer to an SD card?

Using an SD card reader.

How do you download music to an sd card?

Download iTunes on a computer that has an SD card slot. Put music onto iTunes. plug the sd card in and drag the music onto it

How can you view pictures on sd card?

Put it in to a computer?

Can you transfer pictures from the Nintendo DSi to a computer?

Yes you can as long as you have a SD card installed in your DSi. Copy pictures from system to SD card. Install SD in PC card reader and download.

How do you upload pictures from camera?

USB cable connecting camera to computer or take out SD card and put it in SD card reader on computer

How do you get pictures from phone to pen drive?

You'll need an SD Card. Insert the SD Card into the phone and download the photographs onto it. You may need a Micro SD Card depending on how big the slot is. If you are using a Micro SD Card then you'll need a Micro SD Card adapter for the computer. Take the SD Card out of the phone and find the SD Card slot on the computer, (I'm assuming you own a computer). Bring up the data files, (photographs) from the SD Card onto the computer screen and download them onto the PC. Then get a "Pen Drive" and slot it into the USB slot on the PC. Finally you can either drag the photos over by highlighting them and dragging them over the the window for the "Pen Drive" or you can just highlight them and right click and click on "Send To" then select the pen drive.

How do you put pictures on a Wii?

Just take pictures taken by a digital camera (on an SD card) and put it in the slot on the front of the Wii. You can save pictures on an SD card with your computer.

How do you transfer from SD card to SD card?

You would have to place the card into a computer and move the files into a folder in the computer. Then, take the new card and put it into the computer. Move the files from the old card onto the new card.

How to export pictures to sd card?

You can export pictures to SD card on your Android phone using the file manager which will allow you to copy and paste your files.

How do you view Nintendo dsi camera pictures on a computer?

first you need an SD card and copy your photos to the SD card then connect/insert it to a computer and transfer the photos to your computer

How do you send pictures from the Nintendo DSi to an email?

Put the picture on a sd card then put the sd card in a computer and drag the pics into your my pictures folder then send it on an email