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Pictures of five generation of computer?

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Pictures of the five generations of computers are not as easy to find as one might think. The best way to find them is to use a search engine and type in "(first, second…one at a time) generation of computers." Though some of the ad pictures at the bottom of the page might be offensive to some, the best pictures found for the first generation are at the Related Link. The second generation brought us computers very much like the PCs we have today, and from that point, the main progress was made with internal changes, though other changes, like LCD monitors, laptops, cell phones, etc. came about, too. Pictures of each generation can be found on websites linked at the Related Links.

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The first generation is the Vacuum Tube Generation. The second generation is the Transistor Generation. The third generation is the Mini-Computer Generation. The fourth generation is the Micro-Computer Generation. The fifth generation (which we are half-way into) is the Nano-Computer Generation.

Generation in computer terminology is a step in technology. It provides the all information about the growth of computer industry. The term generation was used to distinguish between varying the hardware technologies. Now a days, it has been extended to include both hardware and software that together make up a computer system. There are five generations:- First generation (1942-55) Second Generation (1955-64) Third Generation (1964-75) Fourth Generation(1975-89) Fifth Generation (1989-Present) From:- (ROHIT KUMAR)

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