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Piggy is referring to their fears and the belief that there is a physical beast on the island, which adds to the growing anxiety and tension among the group.

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Q: Piggy says now we've really got a beast who is she talking about?
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Who is the one that says there is no beast in the lord of the flies?


What does piggy suggest about the beast?

In Ch 5 of Lord of the Flies, Ralph says there are no monsters on the Island. Piggy agrees with him. Simon says the beast is within them.

In lord of the flies Who said You' re a beast and a swine and a bloody bloody thief?

ralph to piggy

Who says that there isn't a beast in Lord of the Flies?

Both Piggy and Simon deny the existence of a physical "beast" on the island. However, Simon believes that though not physical, there is a beast. Such a beast is the one that is inside all of the boys, and is inside all those of humans. The innate evil of mankind.

What is a funny line in Lord of the Flies?

In my opinion, one of the funniest and most memorable lines in Lord of the Flies is when Piggy is talking to the boys about fear in an assembly. They dialog goes a little like this: "There is no beast on the island. After all, what would a beast eat?" "Pig." "We eat pig." "Piggy!" Piggy says: "Oh, quiet you. Ralph, they ought to shut up, oughtn't they. I got the conch so hush up." I guess I consider this funny because of the irony behind it all. (If you've read the book, then you understand what I'm talking about.

Who said life is scientific that's what it is in lord of the flies?

Piggy is the one who said, on page 84, " scientific that's what it is."

Why does piggy say that they attacked Simon in lord of the flies?

Piggy says this because the boys did attack Simon,he came out of the woods crawling so all of the boys thought he was the beast. They attacked him biting and beating him to death.

Who does Jack feel Ralph is always protecting?

Jack feels that Ralph is always protecting Piggy, whom Jack sees as Ralph's weak and dependent friend. This leads to conflict between them as Jack believes that Piggy should not receive special treatment.

When ralph admits to piggy that they all murdered simon what is piggy's reaction?

Piggy says it was an accident.

Why has the narrator referred to Simon as the beast?

He isn't, Piggy also doubts its existence, as he says "They don't make sense, radios and TV and things wouldn't work if there were beasties and ghosts." At the meeting were the issue of a "beastie" was first raised Ralph stated a number of times, "There is no beast."

Who did piggy vote as chief in lord of the flies?

In txt, Golding says that Piggy didn't vote for Jack, as all of the choir did, instead, when Ralph asks for his votes, Piggy reluctantly puts his hand up. Whether or not he really wants it is out of the question, fact is he still voted for Ralph

What if he says that he does but your not sure?

if he says he is and your not sure than you must not really like or love him...if we are talking bout ther same thing...