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Most planets have rotation axes that are tilted away from being perpendicular to the plane in which they orbit the Sun. Seasonal variations are most pronounced on these two terrestrial (Earth-like; rocky) planets with moderate gaseous atmospheres.

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every inner planet has season some are longer and some are shorter

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because it rotates in different parts which changes the temperature

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Q: Planet's axis of rotation is greatly lifted causing unusal seasons?
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What features of the eath's alignment causing seasons?

umm does it have to do with the rotation of the earth

Why do planets have seasons?

The seasons come because of the tilt of the planets.

Why do astronomers think that besides earth other planets in the solar system also have season?

Because SEASONS are caused by the tilt of a planet's axis of rotation (spin) as compared to the plane in which the planet orbits (goes round) the Sun. Earth has an axial tilt and so do MOST of the other planets. This means that these planets will also have seasons.

Why does the earth have seasons while other planets do not?

The other planets actually do have seasons.

Which does not belong- rotation orbit revolution or seasons?


What is influenced by the earths rotation?

Both the water cycle and the seasons. Leaf Ninja Out! Sincerely, IchigoKitsune95

What planets experience four seasons?

Any planet with a rotation axis inclined at an angle between 10 and 80 degrees to the plane in which it orbits its primary star will experience discernible seasons, 4 seasons.Earth is one such planet.

Does every planet have seasons?

no most planets have seasons

What are the two kinds of movements made by planets?

Planets generally move in 2 ways:Revolution - they spin around their own center (this is what makes the Earth have a day.)Orbit - they spin around a star (Earth spins around a star called our Sun.) This in part causes our yearly seasons.

What is the rotation of the sun (in earth days)?

The earth takes 365.2422 days to revolve around Sun, the tilt of the rotational axis with respect to the orbital plane causing seasons.

What causes seasons on Eart?

earths rotation

Is NOT a direct result of Earth's rotation?