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Plants have specialized organelles in their cells called chloroplasts that perform photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process that takes light energy from the sun and binds that energy into glucose.

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Q: Plants can trap light energy into chemical energy in the form of what?
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What form can plants can trap light energy into chemical energy into?

Plants turn light energy into sugar.

Plants can trap light energy into chemical energy to form?

they trap it in the form of sugar

Plants can change light energy into chemical energy in the form of what?


This form of energy is produced by plants as a result of photosynthesis?

in photosynthesis plants convert light energy from the sun into chemical energy to form glucose

What form is energy stored in at the end of photosynthesis?

plants convert light to chemical energy during photosynthesis. remember that chemical energy is like food that we store and plants make food when they photonsynthesis using light energy

Plants change light energy in what type of energy?

Chemical energy (the food they store, in form of sugar).

Is it true chemical energy travels from the sun to earth and is transformed into light energy by plants?

It's not chemical energy travelling from the sun, it's electromagnetic energy in the form of visible light. Chemical energy is found in things such as glucose, batteries etc.

How is the light energy absorbed by plants important to photosynthesis?

Beacuse the light energy is converted into chemical energy (in the form of sucrose and glucose) through photosynthesis; the chemical energy is then utilised by the plant through the process of respiration.

What converted plants into chemical energy?

Nothing. Plants are not "converted" into chemical energy, their materials contain stored solar energy in the form of chemical energy.

How is light energy transformed into chemical energy during photosynthesis?

In most living things, energy is created in the form of ATP. In plants, this energy is taken from the light, and ATP is made alongside NADPH2.

What is light a form of?

Light can be known as a form of chemical energy

What type of energy is used by plants to build food molecules?

Photosynthesis is the process used by plants to convert light energy, usually in the form of solar energy from the sun, into chemical energy that is stored in carbohydrate molecules.

In photosynthesis do plants absorb energy from the sun?

Plants don't really absorb energy, but they do use the energy of the sun's light to convert water and carbon dioxide into glucose, which is a form of chemical energy. So yes, the sun's energy does enable plants to grow, but it isn't just absorbed in the same form.

What form of energy do plants give when we eat them?

chemical energy

What form of energy do plants take in?

Light energy and thermal energy.

What is the energy trapper in a plant?

Solar energy is trapped in the form of chemical energy in plants.

What form of energy of energy is light energy turned into in a plant?

light energy is transferred to chemical energy which is stored as glucose

Are light rays a form of chemical energy?

The internal energy stored in the chemical bonds between atoms is a form of potential energy that is sometimes called chemical energy. Basically, chemical energy is internal energy stored in the chemical bonds between atoms. Chemical energy is an example of potential energy. Light rays are electromagnetic energy they can be a good example of this is photosynthesis.

How do we get light energy from the sun?

it is transformed into chemical energy in the form of sugar

Is light a physical or chemical property?

Light is not a property, it is a form of energy.

The form of energy plants use in photosynthesis is?

light energy (from the sun)

How does light affect the behavior of the electrons when they reach PSI?

Light sensitized red ox process results. The electrons are captured, converted and conserved in the form of chemical energy for plants.

What is the meaing of chemical energy?

Chemical energy is another form of stored or potential energy.It is stored in food,fuels and batteries,and is released as other forms of energy during chemical reactions.Green plants trap the light energy from the Sun and convert it into chemical energy during photosynthesis.Other foems of energy are sometimes converted into chemical energy before they are save for future use.

In what form must energy be for plants to make glucose?

Plants use light energy to make glucose.

What is the energy conversions of a photosynthesis?

In plants light energy from the sunlight is converted to chemical energy which is used up in the photosynthesis reaction. carbondioxide + water in the presence of sunlight reacts to form glucose and oxygen. 6CO2 + 6H20 --------sunlight-------- C6H12O6 + 6O2 (light energy converted to chemical energy)