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Q: Poisoned dart tube for blowing
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What are the release dates for The Poisoned Dart - 1916?

The Poisoned Dart - 1916 was released on: USA: 6 December 1916

What do green poison dart frog eat?

Green poisoned darts

Which is the correct spelling darte or dart?

The correct spelling of the word is dart.Some example sentences with this word included are:He threw the dart at the board.We dart into a nearby alleyway.The dart ricocheted and struck James in the forehead.He was killed when a native blew a poisoned dart at him.He quickly tried to dart his eyes away from her, but she saw him.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Poisoned Dart - 1916?

The cast of The Poisoned Dart - 1916 includes: Yukio Aoyama True Boardman as Congressman John Wallace Ronald Bradbury Edward Clisbee Barney Furey Frank Jonasson as Ace Brent Knute Rahm Marin Sais as Barbara Brent

What is a blow gun?

It's a hollow tube, like a straw, usually with a dart inside that is blown out.

What are the requirements for glass blowing?

currently, they are trying to make a new instrument out of the fact that you can play the song 'swan lake' by using glass blowing. go on to you tube and type in glass blowing and its really cool to watch.

What is a Didgerido?

An Aboriginal Australian instrument, Shaped like a tube and played by blowing. It produces a deep sound.

Blowing the nose improperly may cause an infection within the auditory tube to spread into the?

Middle ear

What are poison dart frogs?

They're small colorful frogs that in the wild ooze really nasty poison from their skin. They get their name from the natives who've used the frogs to make poison for their poisoned darts.

Which episode is Kagome poisoned in?

kagome was poisoned in the episodes when the birds killed all the people and that princess was using all the blood to heal her mom you can find it on you tube ive watch it there if you have anymore questions about inuyasha my email address is

If you eat poisoned meat that you ate that is poisoned that you ate that is not not poisoned that you did not not eat that is poisoned and you ate the poisoned meat will you die?

Of course

How do you protect yourself from a dangerous frog?

frog? It's not like a poison dart frog will hop into your shoes but, if you accidentally touch one in the wild, seek medical help right away. Your skin could very irritated if in contact from the poison frogs. Unless you want to hunt like the natives in the Amazon Rain Forest don't go looking for these froggies. The way the natives hunt is by taking the frog and squeezing it's skin just above a dart. They take just enough poison to cover the tip of the dart. Then they put the dart into this sort of tube and they wait for prey. Once they find a good plump hog they blow into one end of the tube to send it flying. The dart pops out the other end of the tube and sticks itself into the animal's hide. Even thought the dart itself is not enough to kill the animal, the poison will. The poison gets into the animal's blood stream and attacks the body killing it.