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Pokemon FireRed mystery pass?


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for lugia and deoxys

it is called the mystic pass to be axact

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There is no mystery pass.But there is the Aura pass and the ... pass uh i forget its name they are impossible to get without a Nintendo event but gameshark can bring you to the islands the passes can get you to.

to get the aurora pass i think you need to get it through a mystery gift, or if you use an action replay then you can get it from that by cheating.. hope that helps!!!

The rainbow pass is a key item in Pokemon FireRed version. To trigger the events to get it, you first need to own 60 different Pokemon.

how do i get the aurora pass without wireless link

Mystery Pass in the Original Pokemon Red? Well, the only kind of pass in red is the ticket for the S.S. Anne, and once it leaves it doesn't come back.

It was a Mystery Gift that ended.

have at least 60 Pokemon in your'e pokedex , then , you talk to oak and he'll give you the sevi pass .

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you put the bulders in the dark hole

close your eyes ..... and count to ten

there is no liberty pass in fire red instead there is a ferry pass .......

You can get a membership pass by Nintendo event or mystery gift

in mystery gift duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

4 islands7 if you have the rainbow pass. but there are others like 8 & 9 island which you can ONLY get if you do the deoxis mystery gift thing or got a Pokemon eventThere are 7 islands.Hope I helped!

I think you can only pass Pokemon from Emerald to Diamond/Pearl

Pass through Diglett's cave and go South.

You get all the badges from all the gyms

u have to beat the elite four, and than ur rival

download it in mystery gift or on action replay

go to the sevi islands w/ rainbow pass

Get the Rainbow Pass from Celio and take the Ferry there

Nintendo event, you need to use action replay

No, you don't. I had 7 badges when i got the tri-pass.

You must beat the seven gym leaders, the elite four, and your rival. Then you have to capture 60 Pokemon to get your Rainbow pass the will allow you to travel to Island 7 in Pokemon FireRed.

you have to find the ruby in mt ember and bring it to celio but first you need the national pokedex -- Check this answer out: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_unlock_islands_after_beating_the_elite_four

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