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Pokemon LeafGreen Scyther?

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Scyther can only be obtained in leaf green by trading it from fire red or colleseum. It evolves into Scizor when you trade it with metal coat. :)

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Where to catch a scyther in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't get scyther in leafgreen only firered can.

How Do You Get A Scyther In Pokemon LeafGreen?

Only firered can get scyther trade one from firered to leafgreen.

What trainer has scyther in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There isn't a trainer that has scyther.

Scyther in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Trade with FireRed

Where can you get a syther in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Scyther is uncatchable in leafgreen you must get one from firered.

Where is scyther in LeafGreen?

Scyther cannot be obtained in leafgreen your going to have to trade one from firered or Pokemon xd gale of darkness to get one.

Can you catch a Scyther in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No only in firered.

How do you get a Scyther in Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

the only way to get a syther is in the safari zone.

Can you catch Scyther in Pokemon Emerald?

no only in leafgreen or firered

Where do you find Scyther on Pokemon pearl ds?

trade from leafgreen

Can you catch Scyther in Pokemon LeafGreen version and where?

No only firered can.

What trainer has a scyther in Pokemon LeafGreen?

i don't think anyone has a scyther but you can get one if you have or a friend has firered and you can trade

What is number 123 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Pokemon number 123 is Scyther. Scyther is a bug and flying type Pokemon with swarm and technician abilities that evolves into Scizor.

Can you catch Scyther in Pokemon sapphire version?

no but i think you can trade it from firered or leafgreen.

What is no123 and 125 in Pokemon LeafGreen pokedex?

123 is Scyther.125 is Electabuzz.

Pokemon No 123 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The Pokemon 123 in leaf green is scyther, i think you can get it by trading it from fire red...

How do you get scissor in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You will first need a scyther you can get that from firered if it's trading you scyther have the game also have scyther hold the item Metal Coat when you receive the scyther it will evolve and become Scizor.

Which trainer has a Scyther in pokemon leafgreen?

sadly none iwas looking for one for a while

Where do you get scyther in Pokemon?

If you're talking about FireRed and LeafGreen versions, Scyther can be found in the Safari Zone in Fuschia City. It is only available in FireRed.

Pokemon that are not in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Of the many Pokemon that you can't get in leafgreen are: Ekans, Poliwag, Scyther, Delibird, Oddish, Murkrow, Growlithe and many more. Edit: Poliwag can be found using a super rod in the pond at route 6.

How do you get it Scyther in Pokemon LeafGreen?

he is at the safairy zone in zone two rare but when you get him no bait or rocks only the poke balls

How do you get a scther in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Scyther are not available in the wild on Leaf Green--so you either have to trade or use a code.

Can you name a Pokemon that you can't catch in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes here are some examples: Oddish, Delibird, Murkrow, Scyther, Electabuzz, Ekans, Growlithe.

How do you get a sizor in Pokemon LeafGreen?

first get scyther witch is in the safrie zone then give it a meatl coat then it will evolve through trade

How do you get Scyther in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You need to exchange from the Fire Red, or use the Action Replay and Gamesharkyou have to trade from Fire redYou can't, Scyther is only found in Fire Red. If a friend has that version, get them to trade you one through :)You can't find scyther in leafgreen only in firered.Scyther is one of the few Pokémon that can only be caught in FireRed. You're going to need to have a friend who has FireRed trade you his.

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