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From Cianwood City Surf to the Right until you find a Whirlpool then bottom right island is lugia.

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Lugia can be found in the Whirl Islands in Johto.

HM07 Waterfall is found in the Ice Path, not the Whirl Islands.

you go to the whirl islands between olivine and cinawood

it is a item that you obtain in pokemon soul silver that you use to catch lugia the legendary bird in the whirl islands.

The Whirl Islands are located in the sea between Olivine and Cianwood City. They are northeast of Cianwood and Southwest of Olivine. In the Whirl Islands, Lugia awaits at level 45.

first you have to get the silver wing and go to whirl islands and there you will meet lugia

cATCH IT while using Surf at the Whirl Islands.

First, travel to Olivine City. Then, surf Southwest of Olivine to get to a Whirlpool. Then, use a Pokemon with Whirlpool to go across the whirlpool to get into the Whirl Islands.

you get lugia at whirl islands

somewhere in the whirl islands

Well, Lugia is at Whirl Islands, some trainers, and the kimono girls!

You can find Lugia in the Whirl Islands when you have obtained the Silver Wing and the Tidal Bell.

Shadow Lugia is not in Soul Silver, but Lugia is. He is in the Whirl Islands.

there in the cave where the waterfall is.(explained it the best i could)

you can use flash dont go to the mini cliff

the top right island of the whirl islands 1 2 3 4 go to the number two for easier directions

In SoulSilver Lugia is in the Bell tower in Ecruteak city and not in the Whirl Islands.

jhotos whirl islands cinnaber islands last seaform island

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