Por que tu eres mio Mean?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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It should be "porque". Because you are mine.

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It means because you are mine

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Q: Por que tu eres mio Mean?
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What does por que eres mujer mean in english?

"Por que eres mujer" translated to English means "why are you a woman?"

Why are you so mean in spanish?

¿por que eres tan malo?

What does te quiero por lo que eres mean?

"Te quiero por lo que eres" translates to "I love you for who you are." It conveys an appreciation for the person's character, qualities, and essence rather than external factors.

What DoesAmor mio no se Tu piensa tu eres mas smart que Mean?

Amor mio, no se (accent on the 'e') = I don't know, my love. Tu piensa(s) (que) tu eres mas smart que.... = You think you are smarter than.... (I suspect the 'Me' in 'Mean' is supposed to be the end of the above sentence)

What does poe que tu eres mi esposa mean?

'Porque tu eres mi esposa' = Because you are my wife 'Por que tu eres mi esposa?' (unusual word-order)= 'Why are you my wife?' or even 'Why you are my wife' (in both cases, an accent over the 'e' in 'que'

What does Que eres mean in English?

what are you?

What is spanish for 'god you're so beautiful'?

Eres una hermosura (You're so beautiful) or Oh Dios mio, que linda eres

Y que edad tienes por lo que veo eres muy joven?

"How old are you? From what I can tell, you are very young."

How do you say oh my god why am i so happy in spanish?

Dios mio, por que estoy tan feliz? There's an accent over the i in mio, over the e in que, and over the i in feliz.

What is por kay mean in English?

por kay (spelt 'por que') is simply "why"; e.g. 'por que no?', "why not?"

What does this mean in English sabes que eres hermosa verdad Por eso me haces sufrir?

you know you're beautiful don't you. That's why you make me suffer

How do you say please be mine forever in Spanish?

Por favor, sea / sé mío,a para siempre.Analyse the imperative of the verb "ser":Direct way:Sé (tú)Sea (usted)Seamos (nosotros, as)Sean (ustedes)Sed (vosotros, as)Indirect way:Que sea (yo, él / ella)Que sean (ellos, ellas)