Port city for ferry to Newfoundland in eastern nova scotia?


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Marine Atlantic runs ferries between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. The ferry leaves from North Sydney on the eastern coast of Nova Scotia.

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The Marine Atlantic ferry from North Sydney, NS, to Port-aux-Basques, NL, takes about six hours, depending on weather, etc. Add a couple of hours for loading and unloading your vehicle.

From Boston by car you will have to drive first to Sydney Nova Scotia and catch the ferry to Port aux Basques Newfoundland. From Port aux Basques Newfoundland to St John takes about 9 hours. All and all the trip from Boston can take two to three days as you must hold over in Sydney NS until the ferry arrives (one per day). The ferry will add another 8 to 9 hours for your trip.

Newfoundland, PEI, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Quebec, Manitoba and Ontario are also Eastern Maritime provinces with Manitoba having an Ocean port closer to Europe and the centre of the North American continent.

Montreal Quebec, and Halifax Nova Scotia

The distance between Sherborne ferry port and Dover ferry port is 194 miles. The travel time by car is 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Dover is the busiest ferry port in England

(Taking the N Sydney-Port aux Basques ferry to Channel-Port-aux Basques Entering Newfoundland and Labrador) The distance between the start point and the destination is 2,525 miles, and will take approximately 45 hours of driving time.

The Port of Felixstowe in Suffolk is the busiest ferry and container port in the UK and the 35th busiest in the world.

Offices CT17 9BU Eastern Docks (Ferry Departures) CT16 1JA Cruise Terminals CT17 9DQ Western Docks CT17 9TF

Dublin Ferry Port Alexandra Road Dublin 1 Ireland.

There are about 10.838 miles between Port Chester, NY and Dobbs Ferry, NY.

27 km to North Sydney ferry port from Sydney taking this route:Take HIGHWAY 125 - WEST (towards NORTH SYDNEY and the NFLD. FERRY), from Sydney, to TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY 105 - EAST towards NORTH SYDNEY and the NFLD. FERRY at EXIT 1E.Take TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY 105 - EAST (briefly) to the NEWFOUNDLAND FERRY. Follow signs.Take the FERRY from N. SYDNEY, CAPE BRETON, NS to CHANNEL-PORT-AUX-BASQUES, NL.Once you are off the ferry, it is 900 km to St. John's taking TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY 1 - EAST.There are about 10889.913 miles between Sydney, Australia and St Johns, Newfoundland.

There are about 10.838 miles between Port Chester, NY and Dobbs Ferry, NY.

There is a regular ferry from Larne NI. to Stranraer Sc.

Approximately 215 miles - and would take roughly 3 hours 45 minutes by road.

The distance from Port Aux Basques , Newfoundland to North Sydney , Nova Scotia is about 96 miles. Using Marine Atlantic it takes approximately 5 hours during the summer and 7 1/2 hours the rest of the year to cross from one side to the other.

Either Birkenhead or the ferry port in the Mersey next to the Liver Building.

Port Aux Basques NFL means .............Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland and Labrador

Grand Falls is located in middle or central portion on Newfoundland. About 4 hours from St john's and 6 hours from Port aux Basque( west coast Ferry terminal location)

Yes. It is directly opposite ferry terminal.

beat elite four then go to ferry port in lillycove or slateport and it will be there. Hope this helps!

It takes 3h and 34 Minutes driving at the speed limit.

It has Killimer. From there you can get the ferry to Tarbert in county Kerry.

Via the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry and the Port Angeles-Victoria Ferry.

There are several Japanese port cities. One port city on the eastern coast of Honshu is Yokohama, south of Tokyo.

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