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Yes. Poseidon and Athena were rivals in determining who would be the patron of Athens. The decided that they would each present the city with gifts; and that the inhabitants would then deem who was worthy. Poseidon gave them a spring of water, but it was salty. Athena gave them the olive tree. The olive tree has many uses; as lamp oil, in food and cooking, and it was a much sought after item in the Mediterranean. Athena won and that is how the city of Athens got its name, after its patron goddess.

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The winner would be the protector of the city. As Athena won, the city was named after her.

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to become the patron god of Athens

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Q: Poseidon and Athena vied for what prize?
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Did Athena have a crush on Poseidon?

No Poseidon did not have a crush on Athena. Athena was the niece of Poseidon, her father was Zeus the brother of Poseidon. Athena was a virgin goddess.

What is a sentence with vied?

Maxie and Hector vied for the top prize in the spelling bee.

Is Athena Poseidon wife?

No, Athena is not the wife of Poseidon, in some myths Poseidon is the father of Athena; but the wife of Poseidon is Amphitrite.

How is Athena related to Poseidon?

Poseidon and Zeus are brothers. Athena is Zeus' daughter. Therefore, Athena is Poseidon's niece.

Why was Athena's enemy Poseidon?

The reason they were enemies is because of the war that Poseidon started.

What is Athena and Posidon's relationship like?

Poseidon is Athena's uncle. Athena is the daughter of Zeus, and Poseidon is Zeus's brother.

Are Poseidon and Athena related?

Yes. Athena was a child of Zeus and Zeus was Poseidon's brother.

Who was Athena's enimie?

Poseidon was Athena's enemy:(

Who is Poseidon to Athena?

In Greek mythology when Athena is the daughter of Zeus, Poseidon being the brother of Zeus, is her uncle. However, myths exist which make Poseidon the grandfather of Athena when she is the daughter of his son Triton, or Poseidon is the father of Athena when her mother is Tritonis or Polyphe.

Is Poseidon in love with Athena?

No; in some myths Poseidon is the father of Athena, and Zeus her adopted father.

How many goddesses vied for the golden apple?

They were three: Hera, Aphrodite and Athena.

Is Athena related to Poseidon?

Yes, Athena is the daughter of Zeus who is the brother of Poseidon, thus Poseidon is the uncle of Athena.