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Positive and negative aspects of directing movies?


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pos: $$$

neg: work. work. work.

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They turn your brain to mush if you watch them to much

Movies can have a positive effect on youth, and a negative effect on youth. The effect movies have depend on the content of the movie. Movies with positive moral stories can influence youth to display good morals. Movies with violence can encourage the display of aggression in youth.

peter jacksons hobbies are directing movies

His film directing and horror/suspense/mystery movies.

By acting in many movies and also directing and producing them.

His directorial debut was The Kid in 1921.

Including the one he is currently directing, nine.

She liked eating pie, directing movies and making Mexican desserts

Yes, but not every college offers this type of class.

Yes, he's still very much alive and directing movies.

Stephen Chow was born in June of 1962 in Hong Kong, China. He has had a varied career featuring roles in movies, writing movies, directing movies and even stint in politics.

He is working not working on the new Star Wars movies 7, 8, 9, but he is watching what Disney is going to do with Star Wars. Technically he isn't directing the movies, but he is directing Disney in the path that he wants, and has a whole script written out for them. He will step in if anything goes wrong.

positive effects 1. we do not have to write the data on paper . 2. we can watch movies , listen songs play games etc...... negative effects 1. we can get eye disease by looking at the monitr constantly. 2. children sit on the computer and play games on it instead they should go outside and play.

They have decided that David Yates will direct the remaining Harry Potter movies.

Ridley Scott is famous for directing Prometheus, Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator, Robin Hood, Black Hawk Down, Thelma & Louise, Hannibal and Matchstick Men.

Kannada Movies are a film making company. They do low budget films and mostly foreign. If you are looking to get into acting or even directing, you may want to check them out.

Men in Black 3 and Seven Pounds are two movies that Will Smith has been in most lately. He is an amazing actor and has moved into directing and producing as well.

Barbara Streisand is famous for being a singer and actress. She is also well-known for directing movies, writing songs, and producing movies. She has made numerous albums as well.

To recognize and reward outstanding work by actors and actresses in movies; to recognize best movies, along with their production, directing, choeographing, cinematographing, settings and top-notch plot factors.

Arron Shiver has been in the following movies, 3:10 to Yuma, Deliver Us, Brothers, The Lazurus Man and many others. He also acted in many tv series such as Roswell and is now directing movies.

No it doesn't. If anything i think Hollywood has positive effect on all of us. You control your actions, you should no be easily influenced on movies you see! people should know better.

He was known and loved for his technique in directing Suspense, Horror, Thriller but he has made films which are adventurous and comedic.

Each movie has had a different Director. Catherine Hardwick directed Twilight but New Moon and Eclipse have different Directors.

I Love Me was directed by the Indian filmmater B. Unnikrishnan. He was born as Unnikrishnan Bhaskaran Pillai, and has been actively writing movies since 1999 and directing movies since 2006.

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