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1.Always pass out urine to clear the urethra. 2.Do not eat or drink any thing immediately, because of blood gone to pubic area. 3.Relax.No hardwork.

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Q: Precaution after intercourse
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Is precaution a verb?

No, precaution is not a verb, it is a noun.

What is the meaning of the word precaution?

- safeguard - Take precaution: Be careful

What is the root word in precaution?

The root word in precaution is caution.

What is a good sentence for precaution?

As a precaution it is good to wear a helmet when cycling.

What is a sentence using the word precaution?

As a precaution, he locked his bicycle whenever he wasn't using it. The best precaution when using paint is to have adequate ventilation. Wearing a heavy jacket is a sensible precaution when riding a motorcycle.

What are some synonyms for the term 'precaution'?

Precaution means to be careful, take preventative measure. Some more well used synonyms for precaution are care, safety measure, wariness, caution and discretion.

How do you use the word precaution in a sentence?

"She took every precaution to ensure she would not get hurt while riding her bike" We should get insurance, just as a precaution. What precaution have you taken against failure? After having knee surgery, the basketball player began wearing a knee brace as a precaution. Please take the precaution of holding onto the rail while crossing this high bridge over the canyon.

What is the precaution to take when using the pipette in the lab?

the precaution to see that air bubbles are not present

What is standard precaution?

A standard precaution would be a security measure that is normal to an industry. Turning on the firewall on a computer is also a standard precaution to prevent spyware and viruses from getting in.

Describe the difference between additional and standard precaution?

describe the difference between additional and precaution?

Is there any precaution to protect from measles?

The primary precaution against getting measles is to get the measles vaccine.

What is a general safety precaution during a urinalysis collection?

Which of the following is a general safety precaution when doing a collection:

What rhymes with precaution?


What is laboratory precaution?


What are the precaution for anemometer?


Safety precaution in using fuel?

the main precaution is to handle fuel with care,if it is a liquid then keep in close container

What is the precaution for choking for adults?

The precaution for choking for adults is the same as it is for children. To prevent choking thoroughly chew food.

What are the release dates for A Child's Precaution - 1913?

A Child's Precaution - 1913 was released on: USA: 2 May 1913

What is a basted?

sexual intercourse sexual intercourse

What is the precaution for biohazard?

Stay away from it

Is the CDC the author of universal precaution?


What is the root word or precaution?


Are vigilance and precaution synonyms?


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What is the definition of precaution?

An action taken to ward against some unwanted outcome. As in: "I lock the door when I go out as a precaution against thieves."