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no you shouldn't be pregnant.the semen needs to be inside the vagina.


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Birth control is only made to prevent pregnancy. Birth control does not prevent you from STI's/STD's. So if you are not in a monogamous relationship, meaning you or your sexual partner have intercourse with other people, then a condom should be worn to protect you and your partner. However, a condom is not necessary to prevent you from getting pregnant while on birth control, because if you birth control is taken everyday at the same time, you birth control is 99.99% effective. If you are sure that it is safe for your health to engage in sexual intercourse without a condom, then a condom is not necessary if you trust that your partner has no STD's.

weed doesn't prevent pregnancy. condoms and birth control do.

No. Pregnancy is a sign of pregnancy. Also if your partner leaves you, THEN you know

A 51% partner of a corporation has more control than a 49% partner

You stop taking birth control when you want to get pregnant, when you are no longer fertile, when you're not at risk of pregnancy (perhaps because your partner can't get you pregnant), or when you have a medical condition that makes birth control a bad idea.

While condoms are a safe choice when preventing pregnancy there are other alternatives. There are birth control pills for men and women. There are female condoms. There are spermicides. There are lots of other things. The safest way to prevent pregnancy is to use a condom and have your partner on birth control. After all, condoms can break. I hope I answered your question.

Follow This Steps To Get A Partner. 1.To Get A Partner You Must Talk With Him/Her Everyday. 2.And Duel Them Everyday. 3 And Give Them A Sandwich. (It Will Very Work If You Give Them a Golden Egg Sandwich)

There are multiple ways to avoid pregnancy, communication with your partner is important. Before having sex with your partner you should use a condom, if you forgot there are multiple ways to prevent pregnancy, you should inform a doctor for options.

Preventing pregnancy is the same at all points in life. There are a number of birth control options. It is important to talk to your partner about the best options before having sex. Condoms are the birth control method that is easiest to get, effective, and will also protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Answer Having no sex at all.Without condoms or birth control you can't prevent pregnancy if you keep on having sex.First of all, without condoms you can spread all kinds of diseases if you or your partner carries HIV or any other STD's.Second, birth control is just the extra protection against pregnancy along with condoms, don't think you can just use birth control and go on without condoms. Unless you know for sure you or your partner don't carry HIV or any STD's and also don't mind about getting pregnant. Or you can have a surgery which does not go without risks and is non-reversible.

Even though tubal ligation is an extremely effective method of birth control with a less than 1% failure rate, there is still a chance of pregnancy with any birth control method. Missing 3 periods is definitely an indication for taking a pregnancy test. The chance of an ectopic pregnancy is much higher after a tubal ligation but carrying a normal pregnancy is still possible.

There are no health risks to sex as long as you are practicing sex. (so everyday). But make sure you are using condoms if you don't have a regular partner to prevent the transmission of an STD and yeast infections and you are on birth control to prevent pregnancy if you are not ready for a child. Contrary to many beliefs, you can still get pregnant during your period and other times of your cycle that were thought to prevent pregnancy. The only way to prevent pregancny 100% is to not have sex.

I have heard that men can have phantom pregnancy's in sympathy of their partner!

From 14-18 weeks into the pregnancy.

yes! and theres nothing that can prevent it other than your partner shaving everyday or not shaving at all.

As long as you take your birth control every day at the same time you are more than 99.99% protected from pregnancy. Whether your partner ejaculated in you 1 or more times you will not become pregnant.

This is only possible through barrier methods, such as condoms. (Note that monogamy and being faithful (or simply having a single sex partner) will also greatly reduce the risk.)Condoms (male and female) are the only form of birth control that protect against STDs as well as against pregnancy.Wearing a condomAbstinence.

If your partner feels the IUD strings, there is no cause for concern. if your partner feels part of the plastic of the IUD, the IUD is being expelled and you are at risk for pregnancy. Consider using emergency contraception if you've had sex in the last five days, and contact your health care provider for an immediate appointment. Use a backup method of birth control until you get checked.

why yes i thinkk it could be quite normal to hate your partner during pregnancy because with a baby the female of the couple is normally very hormonal. i think u should try and just do whatever she wants!!

If you have been injected for birth control purposes and the injection is current then your partner should not have to withdraw. be cause you should not be able to get pregnant.

No form of birth control is 100% if you are sexually active, this is why it is recommended that women use a hormonal form of birth control like the pill, patch, ring or shot and always make sure your partner uses a condom. This further reduces the chance of pregnancy and helps prevent the spread of STIs.

Pregnancy is a known risk whenever a woman has sex. There is no birth control method, including vasectomy and tubal ligation, that is 100% effective. If a woman gets pregnant with an IUD, she and her partner are responsible.

Only if he has an STD or you consider pregnancy a problem.

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