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Pregnancy tests shows positive before 6 days of my period is due - am i really pregnant or there is a chance of error?


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November 04, 2007 2:10AM

Of course you're pregnant! If the test had read negative 6 days before a missed period then that NEGATIVE might be a mistake: there might just not have been enough of the pregnancy hormone yet showing in your body for the test to pick up on and measure to be 'positive' -- but getting 'positive' means the test measures enough of the pregnancy hormone to show it's there! Of course there's always a chance of error because nothing is perfect, but those tests are pretty darn good at detecting pregnancy hormones. Taking the test long before your period would create the chance of the hormone not building up enough yet to make it say POSITIVE. But if it's already reading positive then the pregnancy hormone is already built up enough to show it is there -- remember, the test is saying it is POSITIVE that the pregnancy hormone is PRESENT! Lucky you to know this soon. You can repeat in a few days or see a professional, but I'm sure it will again be positive! it is a very specific hormone ONLY pregnant women have that the test measures.