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Colt Combat Elite (45ACP) $1000.00 Colt Delta Elite (10mm) $1000.00 (not out yet)


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Elite is stronger then delta i know because in the military school they told us

Look up Colt Delta Elite in Wikipedia. Sometime after it was designed in1987.

The Combat Elite - 2000 TV was released on: USA: 2000

The cast of The Combat Elite - 2000 includes: John Panzarella as Narrator

The Delta elite without question. It has an apex tip and an electric hopper, and electric grip.

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There is no difference. Delta just calls their business class Business Elite. Just like Nwa calls theirs World Business Class.

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Value depends on overall condition.

Both the Navy SEALS and Delta Force are highly trained, and one is not typically considered better than the other. Both groups are considered the elite of the elite.

I just bought a delta elite for 800. i was told that de serial #s are old manufacture & ds are new manufacture. i do believe colt is making these again.

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I think about the closest you'll get is the Covenant Combat Unit that has some Covenant Elite soldiers in it.

The most elite unit in the U.S. military is the Army's special operations unit known as Delta Force.

The difference between the Delta Force and the elite Navy SEAL is that one is counter insurgency(Navy SEAL) and the other is counter terrorism(Delta Force).

you would join Delta Force if you had guts, brains, and the desire to be one of the most elite counter-terrorist units on the planet.

No. At that price range you could get an SP1 with apex barrel, which is considered one of the best markers available. If you could get it for only $250 or even $350 then it would be a great marker.

Yes, you can, but not in the campaign. Only in custom games, matchmaking, ect.

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