Price of a Remington model 70 30-06?

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2009-05-03 04:20:23

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No such model in the Remington line.

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2009-05-03 04:20:23
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Q: Price of a Remington model 70 30-06?
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What is the value of a 1958 Winchester model 70 rifle?

1958 model 70 Winchester 3006 good condition

Model 7400 Remington 3006 every thing you read says its made in 1980 the starting yr your dad bought it for you in the mid 70 so how can you know when it was made thanks mike?

Remington's website states manufacture started in 1981. Call Remington.

Value of winchester 3006 model 70?

Sorry- too many variables to give you a simple answer. Would depend on condition, age, and specific model (there are numerous variations of the model 70). Price could range from $200-$1000.

What is the value Remington model 70?

Winchester makes the Model 70

Which came first Winchester Model 70 or Remington Model 700?


What years was Remington Model 550 manufactured?


Where can you find the used price of a Remington model 70 super grade in 30-06?

I would look at the blue book of gun values by S.P.Fjestad.

What is the value of a 22 Remington Model 33 Serial number 218553?

About $70.

Is their a 7mm ultra mag in the model 70?

The 7mm Ultra Mag is a Remington cartridge. THE model 70 is a Winchester rifle. Winchester does not chamber the Model 70 For the 7mm Rem. Ultra Mag cartridge.

How much is a Winchester 700 rifle worth?

Remington made the model 700 rifle.Winchester made the model 70 rifle.

What is the twist rate in a Winchester model 70 7mm Remington magnum?


Where can you get a picture of Winchester model 416?

I can find no reference to a Winchester model 416 firearm. Could you have a Winchester Model 70 chambered for .416 Remington Mag? Here are pictures of Model 70's:

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