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There may be multiple problems with the printer (or the ink cartridges):

Did you refill the ink cartridges? Use remanufactured ones? If so, then they may be: overfilled, heads/contacts worn out, ink level detector not reset (on some ink cartridges), etc.

Is anything (that's part of the printer or ink cartridges) broken? If so, it may be too broke to work.

Are the ink cartridges expired/dry? If they are expired, some printers say they don't detect them, thus they won't print. If they are dry, then they won't print. Try doing a head cleaning. Either with the printer's software, the printer's head cleaner button, or with cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol.

Did you touch the ink cartridges (where the printer's/ink cartridges instructions) said not to? If so, clean them.

Are the contacts on the ink cartridges/carriages dirty? If so, clean them.

Is the paper loaded/inserted? If not, load/insert the paper.

Are you using the wrong size/weight/amount of the paper? If so, please use the correct size/weight/amount of the paper.

Is the printer communicating with the computer? If not, plug 1 side of the USB Cable into the printer, then plug the other side into the computer.

Is the printer on? If not, turn it on. If this doesn't work, plug it in. Then turn it on.

Does the printer have a paper jam? If so, clear the jam.

Does the printer have objects in it? If so, get the objects out.

Is the printer dirty (on the inside)? If so, clean it.

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Surely the paper is misplaced..push the paper slightly inside and press the button on the printer where there is flashing red light.

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Q: Printer says out of paper but paper is in printer?
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What appears if your printer is out of paper?

It will have an error that says "Please insert paper to continue printing". Then after filling in new paper in your printer, you just have to resume print in your PC. Or press the button next to the flashing 'paper jam' light on the printer.

What is a device that prints text or graphics or paper?

A printer.

Where can one purchase cheap printer paper?

You can purchase printer paper at This site offers all kinds of paper including printer paper at a low cost. This is where I buy my printer paper all the time.

What are the importance of printer?

If you want to print text/graphics onto paper, you need a printer.

How do i unjam my printer paper from my hp printer?

In the back of your printer is a section you can open up and remove the paper. You have to feel around for the piece that snaps out.

Why is printer paper different from regular paper?

Printer paper is different from regular paper as it is more thicker to allow the cyan, magenta, and yellow inks to seep through the orifices that printer paper has.

What if you put paper in the printer and it's still saying to put paper?

Is the paper in the printer tray properly.

On rag paper laser printer can print?

Provided the paper (rag or wood pulp) is suitable to pass through the printer, any printer type can print on this paper.

How many pages of paper can you print once it says low ink?

It really depends on the printer, try being more specific in your question as to which printer you are reffering to.

Which printer forms images with out striking paper?

Laser/LED printer and Inkjet printers for a couple.

What feature on a printer must be enabled so that a printer can automatically printer on both sides of the paper?


Can regular paper be used in register printer?

yes any paper can be used in any printer