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There are a few problems with infrared telescope technology such as, infrared wavelengths are absorbed by water vapor in earth's atmosphere and infrared telescopes must be kept cool. Astronomers have to place infrared telescopes on high mountains above the clouds so that the wavelengths aren't absorbed by the water vapor. Since infrared energy is heat energy, it's hard to keep the telescopes cool. If an infrared telescope is not kept cool it may detect itself and won't pick up on weak infrared sources out in space.

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Q: Problems with infrared telescope technology
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What technology replaced infrared technology?

No technology yet has made infrared technology obsolete.

Which type of telescope is most similar to an optical telescope?


What type of telescope is most similar to an optical telescope?


How does a infrared telescope work?

Infrared telescopes work best in space. Why? Objects that are even a little bit warm put out infrared energy. So it makes sense to put an infrared telescope into space where it won't just detect all the warm things on Earth. Even in space, we must make the telescope very cold using refrigerator-type technology so that it won't just detect itself! Then the telescope can look around and see the infrared light coming from the rest of the Universe. The nw Spitzer Space Telescope is just such an instrument.

Does the Hubble telescope use infrared?

Yes, it can take pix in infrared.

What type of electromagnetic radiation does an infrared telescope collect?

It collects infrared radiation.

Who invented the infrared telescope?

William Herschel

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Irving J. Spiro has written: 'Infrared Technology XV' 'Infrared technology fundamentals' -- subject(s): Infrared technology 'Modern Utilization of Infrared Technology VIII'

What is the wavelength of a infrared telescope?

An infrared telescope itself doesn't have a wavelength as it is not a wave, but a telescope. If you mean however what is the wavelength of a wave in the infrared spectrum, it's approximately between 300 GHz (1 mm) and 400 THz (750 nm).

What type of telescope does not use visual light energy?

Infrared the answer is a refracting telescope :p

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Microwaves are close to infrared so much of the technology is similar.

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infrared telescope because the puday is so pudayingme and my puday

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infrared radiation

The James Webb Space Telescope will study?

infrared radiation

The James Webb Space Telescope will study .?

infrared radiation

How Does Infrared Technology Work?

by inffrareding

What printing technology where printers communicate via infrared light waves?


What is an infrared telescope?

a telescope that detects electromagnetic waves in the infra-red part of the spectrum. it detects heat of of stars

What telescope must be used above earths atmosphere?

A good example would be an infrared telescope. They can actually be used at high altitudes on Earth to escape a lot of the atmospheric absorption of infrared radiation.

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What technology did Galileo use?

A telescope.

What are the advantages of infrared telescope?

Infrared waves penetrate dust clouds in space, allowing us to see areas that emit no light.