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Lead free solder for potable water pipes

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Brass vs stainless steel which is suitable for plumbing?

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Brass vs stainless steel whichis suitable for plumbing

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Q: Proper brazing wire for water pipes is?
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What is to pipes as electricity is to wire?


Why tin are more in solder wire?

to keep lead out of drinking water pipes.

What are some good uses for the element copper?

Copper Wire, Copper Water Pipes, Pennies,

What is the puRpose of the wire in a circuit?

The wire in a circuit acts like pipes directing water from one location to another. Wires carry the current.

What are some things made out of the element copper?

Water pipes, electrical wire, roofs, statues, coins, wood treatment . . .

How can you tell if an existing basement has proper drainage around it?

you slide a train wire in( and it must be at least 3 yards long) the pipes and if it goes though it is functioning properly p.s. you can buy wire at home depot

How is electricity produced from coal?

Coal is burned to heat water, the water evaporates into steam and is forced through pipes to the generators where it spins turbines. The turbines are designed as magnets around an iron core spun with wire. When the magnets spin around the wire it generates electricity.Another user wrote:Coal is burned to heat water, the water evaporates into steam and is forced through pipes to the generators where it spins turbines. The turbines are designed as magnets around an iron core spun with wire. When the magnets spin around the wire it generates electricity.

How do you remove corrosion off sewer pipes?

With a wire brush.

Where does the electricity go when the power is off?

Electricity is the flow of electrons through a conductor, such as a wire. When the power is off, the electrons are still there, they just have nothing to push then around. Think of the water pipes in your house. If you go outside and shut off the water, the water stops flowing. There is still water in the pipes, but if you turn on a faucet, no water will flow out. In a wire, the electrons are trapped in the atoms that make up the wire unless a potential difference, or voltage, exists to make them move. This voltage comes from the power generating station.

How does the earth wire act as a safety device?

The earth wire (called 'ground wire' in the US) offers the easiest path to ground. Since electrical current seeks the easiest path to the ground, any stray current will travel through that instead of a person. Electrons flow (drift) through wires like water flows through pipes. Water flowing through pipes will flow through the biggest pipes the easiest, because there is less resistance to flow, and draw off the water flowing through smaller pipes. Same kind of deal with the ground wire. The Earth wire is like the largest pipe in the system, which means the wire has the least resistance. As such, it, like the largest water pipe, draws off any electrical current that might be around in the system of wires (the circuits). So if by accident one of the smaller wires with higher resistance is subjected to a surge of voltage, the resulting overload current will flow into the ground wire rather than through the higher resistance wire, which would probably blow the circuit and cause damage.

What is soldering wire used for?

To join copper wires or pipes to each other.

How can you tell if you have a gas or electric water heater?

Read the label. A gas heater will have three plumbing pipes connected.One is a gas supply. An electric heater will only have two plumbing pipes but it will have an electical conduit or electrical wire feed line.

What is a proper way to connect a second starter wire?

The proper way to connect a second starter wire depends with the configuration used.

How do you use the word insulator in a sentence?

A thermal insulator such as fiberglass is used around hot water pipes. If the insulator is removed from a wire connection, it could create sparks.

How do you wire a ceiling fan regulator?

To wire a ceiling an regulator the proper wires, the proper tools, and the proper instructions for the model fan regulator being used must be obtained.

Why do you need copper?

for making plumbing pipes and electrical wire among other things.

What is the proper name for a long coil of wire?


When you dip the wire in the water where does the heat go?

when the wire was dipped into the water , energy is transferred to the water.

Why the earth wire in houses is of ten connected to the cold water pipe?

Usually the solid copper wire you see connecting to your water pipes is because it makes a ground for your electrical service of your home. Not seen as much of in newer homes because most of the water lines including main water lines are mostly plastic type materials which electricity cannot flow through.

How does a tap work?

If you look under your sin there should be a few pipes and 1 green wire. I think the green wire is a air wire witch when you twist the tap it releases air at one side (depends what side tap you used) and forces the water up and out and the other side just sucks air in.

Does a water heater require a ground wire?

does a water heater require a ground wire?

Why would a negative wire melt off battery?

there is not a proper grounding wire mounted to the body of the car or truck.

How do you wire a beacon light?

To wire a beacon light, add the proper resistor to the LED. Then bypass the decoder and wire the LED's cathode and anode to the opposite rails.

How do you wire a three wire cord to a two wire cord for a water feature?

You don't. Do not power a water feature without a grounded cord.

What is the proper wiring for a 2000 Chevy impala 3.4L starter?

what is the proper way to wire the starter for a 2000 chevy impala