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luminous flames have a bluish to violet color and it means that the system is given enough oxygen for the reaction. Luminous flames will not produce soot.

non luminous flames are orange, red, and yellow much like your everyday campfire but this system is not given enough oxygen therefore produce soot.

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Q: Properties of luminous and non-luminous flames?
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What is luminous and nonluminous?

nonluminous luminous

Can a flashlight be luminous and nonluminous?


Is the temperature of a luminous flame greater or less than that of a nonluminous flame?

The temperature of a luminous flame is less than that of a nonluminous flame.

Is the temperature of a luminous flame greater ot less than that of a nonluminous flame?

The temperature of a luminous flame's less than a non-luminous flame

Why is the temperature of a nonluminous flame hotter than the temperature of a luminous flame?

If you refer to organic gas flame, then the nonluminous part refers to complete burning, while the luminous part is tiny carbon particles which did not burn

Why must the size of the test flame be kept very small?

The flame test is made in nonluminous flames which are not high flames.

What is meant by luminous and non luminous flames?

luminous flames are those which throw or Emmit bright light of great intensity......but non luminous flames are those which just glow and do not emmit light of such great intensity................ it should not be misunderstood with candle ......and one emits flame and the other does knot's as there is no flame......there is no point of luminous or non luminous

What are the advantages of using a non-luminous flame?

Non- Luminous can burn efficiently because luminous flames don't burn as efficiently as non-luminous ones, they don't produce as much energy. This means that the non-luminous flames have a lot more energy than luminous ones, and their flames are actually hotter. This is why the luminous ones look yellow and the non-luminous ones look blue. Hotter flames burn blue and (relatively) cooler ones burn yellow.

What two flames flickers non-luminous or luminous?

A luminous flame flickers while a non-luminous flame remains steady.

Why should you use a non luminous flame instead of luminous flame?

Because if you use luminous flames the beaker you use will have a soot at the bottom and it does not heat it up properly but instead of using non luminous flames it will be heated properly.

What is the purpose of comparing Luminous and non luminous flames?

We want to know how they are alike and also how they are different.

What kind of flame is non luminous?

No-luminous flames, with a blue color, are formed when the oxygen is in excess.

What does nonluminous body mean?

Having a non-luminous body means that it is not a see-through body. Many insects have a non-luminous body. Non-luminous body also means an object that cannot reflect light.

Is a luminous flame a hot flame?

All flames are hot

Luminous vs nonluminous flame?

A non-luminous flame is normally used in laboratories, and is blue in color. That is because the flame is cooler, and does not produce soot. The luminous flame is way hotter, and is yellow in color. The luminous flame contains carbon dioxide, while the non-luminous flame contains oxygen.

Is a mirror non-luminous and why?

Yes, a mirror is nonluminous. It does not emit light by itself, it only reflects light emitted by other things.

What is the dominant color of a non luminous flame from a Bunsen burner?

The dominant color of a nonluminous flame on a Bunsen burner is blue. Whereas, the dominant color of a luminous flame on a Bunsen burner is orange.

What is the meaning of non luminous flames?

The non luminous flame is hot flame; the fuel is mixed with more oxygen.

Should a luminous or non luminous Bunsen flame be used for heating in the laboratory and why?

A non luminous flame should be used because the flame can reach a higher temperature than a luminous flame. This means that substances will be heated faster. It also doesn't produce soot unlike a luminous flame. A nonluminous flame is also steady but a luminous flame is not.

What properties do yellow flames have?

There are different reasons for flames being yellow and the properties depend on the reason.

Name some luminous objects?

stars, flames, bulbs, the sun

What is luminous flame and Explain why it takes a longer time to heat equal amount of water using a luminous flame?

yellow color in a luminous flame produces soot or carbon. carbon dioxide is present in the luminous flame but when its combined with oxygen the flame is nonluminous which is in a blue color. it takes a longer time because luminous flame is cooler than the nonluminous. I only know what luminous flame is. The inner part of luminous flame is blue while the outer part of the luminous flame is yellow. It is unsteady. Yeah. Carbon Dioxide is only present in the luminous flame. When oxygen is combined with the flame, the flame will become non- luminous which is inner and outer part are blue. Hmm. Actually luminous flame's hottest part is at the bottom while non- luminous flame hottest part is at the middle and the top. That's all i know. If i know more, i will update for you. Thank you! By helpingppl

How does the amount of air affects luminous and non-luminous flames?

a luminous flame is a flame which is orange colour

What is the difference between luminous non-luminous Bunsen burner flames?

A luminous flame is blue and is air/oxygen rich and occurs when the Bunsen vent is open. A non-luminous falme is very yellow and smoky and is fuel rich. It occurs when the Bunsen vent is closed.

What are the differences between luminous or non luminous flames?

a non-luminous flame- when the air hole of the Bunsen Burner is open"when the air hole is open, more oxygen can enter the burner; therefore, hotter flame will be produced."its color is transparent or blueBlue flames are the hottest flamesa luminous flame is produced when the air hole is closed.."if the air hole is closed, oxygen cannot enter the burner; therefore, least hotter because the combustion is not fully complete with least oxygenA luminous flame has an outer of orange color and an inner of blue.Luminous flames emits more light than non-luminous flames.three things to produce flame1.fuel2.oxygen3.friction or source of sparkLuminous objects emit light. The sun is luminous; the moon is non-luminous.