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provide a definition of the term Economics

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Business finance is an economic activity which helps commercial entities or non-profit establishments for short-term functional needs or long-term investment. Banks are part of economic institutions that provide capital to businesses.

NERA Economic Consulting provide economic and financial services to companies. They provide advice and help to complex issues and legal challenges that one might face.

An arc is a part of the circumference of a circle

State Farm does not provide convertible term insurance. They provide standard term life insurance.

to provide basic economic needs of their children and to earn an income

The economic term for the cost of a choice is the opportunity cost.

Revenue is the economic term for the money that is received from the sale of goods and services.

An economic slowdown is called a recession.

to provide institutional customers

The economic term for what you lose when using resources for something else is opportunity cost.

It is a good that does not have the three economic characteristics of: scarcity;provide utility;and, be transferable.

The socia and economic of government goals is to provide employment for the general public

The economic term for what you lose when using resources for something else is known as opportunity cost.

The term socioeconomic issues refers to social issues that effect an individual's economic and social standing. Poverty for example is a major socio-economic issue.

A Delta is a roughly body of sediment deposited at the mouth of a river.

Economic Spectrum is the economic wealth distribution amongst class, helping to distinguish the different economic standings of individuals classes

issues involving both social and economic factors

The term 'economic stagnation' means a period of slow economic growth. Depending on the definition of the term, this means growth less than around 2% per year or significantly less than the growth predicted by experts. Causes can be poor economic policy, catastrophes and demographic developments.

Photons is the term for the particles of light that provide the energy needed for photosynthesis.

No, simple carbohydrates provide the body with short-term bursts of energy. Complex carbohydrates provide the body with longer-term sustained energy.

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