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Q: Puma weakness as sport wear manufacturer?
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Among the brands Nike, Adidas and puma, which one is a best sports apparel manufacturer?

Nike and Adidas are the best brans for sports apparel manufacturing. But each consumer has their own opinion. Many of the sport wear they create are quite identical to one and other.

What do italy wear in soccer?


What do Italian men wear today?

clothes ---- They a lot also tend to wear PUMA clothing... PUMA seems to be popular to Europeans (Italians).

What kind of football shoe does fabregas wear?


What kind of boots dose Thierry Henry wear?


Who is the German producer of outdoor wear and equipment?

Adidas, Puma

Which soccer boots does SERGIO KUN aguero wear?

PUMA Cleats

What goalkeeper gloves does shay given wear?

Puma Evospeed 1.2

What designers would Kristen Gregory wear?

puma,nike, addias ect

What brand of shoes does Ellen degeneres wear?

blue sneakers

Where can you find the best sprinting shoes?

The brand varies depending on the athlete but there ar a lot of olympic athleates that wear the Nike Zoom. The main focus when deciding on shoes for sprint running should be a shoe that is light weight and comfortable.

What kind of shoes did Magnum PI wear?

Puma Easy Riders or White Top-Siders