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A frustum. Specifically, a frustum of a triangular pyramid -- as one could also have a frustum of a cone, square pyramid, etc.

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Are frusta and truncated pyramids the same?

Not exactly. A frustum would be a pyramid with the apex cut off. A truncated pyramid would be a pyramid with all vertices cut off.

What is a flattened pyramid called?

It is the net of its solid shape. If the top of the pyramid is cut off parallel to the base, then it is a truncated pyramid, or a frustum.

What figure would you get if you cut a pyramid in half?

It depends on how you cut it. It might be a frustrum, it might be a (somewhat differently shaped) pyramid, or it might be a wedge.

What is the shape called when you cut a square based pyramid in half?


If a wooden cube is cut in half and painte red what would this be?

It would be a red Pyramid.

What was the pyramid built out of?

I would imagine the huge bricks that they are built of would have been cut out of sandstone, at a nearby quarry.

How do you cut a pyramid out of poster board?

How to make a pyramid out of poster board?

What is a rectangular based pyramid with the top cut off?

It is a frustum of a rectangular pyramid.

How tall is King Tutankhamuns pyramid?

He has no pyramid he was buried in a tomb cut from the rock in the Valley of the Kings.

How many chambers are in the pyramids of Giza?

There are 3 known chambers inside the Great Pyramid. The lowest chamber is cut into the bedrock upon which the pyramid was built and unfinished. The so-called Queens chamber and Kings chamber are higher up within the pyramid structure.

What shape do you get when you cut pyramid in half?

Trapizoid &triangle

What shape is a pyramid cut in half?

A triangle

How do you make a pyramid out of cheese?

Just buy a big block of cheese and cut a pyramid shape out of it! Simple

A mineral that is rare and can be cut and polished is called what?

This would be called a gemstone.

What is one difference between a prism and a pyramid?

A prism can be cut into equal pieces but a pyramid cannot also a prism has 2 bases and a pyramid has 1.

What do you call a triangular pyramid with the top cut off?

A frustum. Specifically, a frustum of a triangular pyramid -- as one could also have a frustum of a cone, square pyramid, etc.

When you cut the tip off a square pyramid. if you keep your scissors level to the base of the pyramid what will be the shape of the new base of the tip?

It will be a square shape if it is a squared based pyramid

What is a 4-point diamond?

If the diamond is cut, 4-point may refer to its weight, would would otherwise be expressed as .04 carat, or 4/100ths of a carat.

What is a Diamond cut in an oval pointed shape?

If its an oval type shape with 2 points (bit like the shape of an eye) it is called a Marquise Cut.If its oval, and rounded on one half, with a point on the other, its a Pear Cut.If its like a true oval shape with no points, its just called an Oval Cut.

How many corners does a cut and polished diamond have?

it depends in what shape the diamond is cut Another Answer As a raw stone, a diamond can be shaped like a pyramid, or two pyramids joined at the base. Can you count the corners in the two-pyramid example?

Do horses cut through wood?

Horses can't actually cut through would, but they do chew on it (usually called cribbing).

What is food pyramid why it is shaped like a pyramid?

it is a piece of pizza or half a piece of toast. It is shaped like that because i cut it that way. ChaCha Again!

What is a bisection point?

it is the point where something is "cut in half." So if we bisect a line, we cut it in half and the midpoint is the bisection point. That is just one example

What describes all cross sections of a square pyramid where the intersecting plane is perpendicular cut to base?

A trapezium, except that when it goes through the apex, it becomes a triangle. If the pyramid is a right pyramid, then the cross sections will be isosceles.

At the Mayan pyramid do they cut off peoples heads and watch them roll down?


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