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Para mi me gusta leer libros. (en español, por supuesto.)

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Q: Que te gusta mas leer libro o leer revistas?
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How do you say 'i like to read books' in spanish?

Leo Que lea leí he leído Que leyera / leyese

Spanish for to read?

to read= leer.To read: (Verb) Leer.For example:-Read this book = Lee este libro.-I like to read = Me gusta leer.-What are you reading? = Que estas leyendo?

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no se por que no te pones a leer el libro

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It doesn't really mean anything. The closest thing is: to you for to read a book. Which obviously makes no sense.

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How do you answer Que me gusta hacer mi?

"Que te gusta hacer?" = what do you like to do? You would answer by saying "me gusta _______ " (list an activity, make sure the verb is in the infinitive). Examples: "Me gusta esquiar" = I like to ski "Me gusta leer" = I like to read

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