Quieres reparar tu credito

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Petruccio Ubaldini

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Q: Quieres reparar tu credito
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Yo Te quiero Tu you quieres?

yo te quiero= i love you tu me quieres= you love me tu me quieres?= do you love me?

Do you care for me in Spanish?

tu me quieres?

How do you say You Will Want in Spanish?

you want = tu quieres and if its a question its just tu quieres? you will want (future)=tu quereras and if its a question tu quereras? future = "tú querrás" or simply "querrás"

What does tu quieres mean in english?

Translation: You want

What does tu quieres volver mean?

want to return

What does donde quieres hacer ejercicio tu mean?

Where do you want to (do) exercise

What does lo que tu quieres mean?

It means, "...whatever you want."

You want to be with your boyfriend in Spanish?

Quieres estar con tu novio.

How do you say tu in Querer?

yo quiero tu quieres usted quiere ustedes quieren nosotros queremos

What Does Β si tu quieres aprender espanol yo lo ayudo mean?

From Spanish to English "si tu quieres aprender espanol yo lo ayudo" mean if you want to learn spanish I help.

How do you say you love your brothers in Spanish?

Yo quiero a mis hermanos. - i love my brothers. (Tu) (Lo) Quieres a mi hermano. -you love my brother (Tu) (Lo) Quieres a su hermano. -you love your brother

What does y que tu quieres que haga mean in English?

and what do you want me to do