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Rvd study centre in kerala & contact details

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Q: RVD university study center in Kerala?
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Is Kerala psc approved rvd university Rajasthan?

Kerala psc is approved rvd university Rajasthan.if any doubt visit kerala psc website.. ok

Study centre list approved by rvd in India?

Where is the study center of RVD in delhi

Is RVD has a study center in patna?


Can you admission to B.Tech in mechanical in RVD university after completion of your diploma mechanical in JRN Rajhistan vidyapitha university?

Only the University you wish to study at can answer that question

Is there any study centre in salem for rajasthan vidyapeeth university distance education?

any query related rvd can be fwd at 9872772893

Where is RVD University located?

The RVD University was first established in 1937 and is situated in the city Udiapur in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The University gained status as a deemed University in 1987.

Is Rvd university is approved by UGC?

maybe or not maybe or not

Is rvd university ugc and aicte approved?

RVD University (Full Name- Janardhan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapith University) is approved by UGC as a deemed to be University but not approved by AICTE. Now the time Central Government has banned in new admission in this University.

Is rvd university udaipur is approved by aict?

No, it is not Approved by AICTE

Is ongc approve BTech correspondence course from Rvd university?

yes why not

Rajasthan vidyapeeth university distance education?

dip/degree in civil from RVD UNIVERSITY is valid for govt. job in INDIA..................

Is the BTech electrical of Rvd university is vaild in Uttar Pradesh Govt Especially in uppcl?