Ralph likes 25 but not 24 he likes 400 but not 300 he likes 144 but not 145 Which does he like calculation?

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Ralph only likes squares of numbers. He likes 25 (5 squared), 400 (20 squared), and 144 (12 squared).
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How do you get him to like you?

All you really have to do is just let things play by the book, try tapping his foot with yours in class see how it goes. Talk to him, but not to much.

Does he like you or not?

Here is what I did I told my friend and she thought me and that person would be a cute couple so her and one more friend kept seeing what he likes in girls and they also asked him if he would ever go out with me. he said not at the end of the school year but next he said he probably would you never ( Full Answer )

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How to get a girl to like you . First and foremost, DO NOT try to be macho. Generally girls HATE that. We can see though you like a sheer blouse in a wet t-shirt contest. Be you! Be the way you are around your male friends, minus the copious farting and conversions about banging the chick from ( Full Answer )

How do you get her to not like him?

Leave her and him alone. It's not your place to try to ruin a relationship. Also causing other people emotional pain, just so you can get your way with someone else is truly bad behavior. So keep your life drama free and don't get involved

How can you get him to like you?

Don't try to get him to like you. This is going to sound so tiresome, just be yourself, if he doesn't like you for who you are, then he wasn't worth knowing after all. ehmehm! actually (im adding to this answer) if your a young lady in highschool like me you have to apear confident and open abo ( Full Answer )

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Last night was middle school band night so we got to play with the high schoolers (im 13 and in 8th btw). And if your in band you have to stay in the band bleachers for the whole game. Me and my best friend, Ashley, sat by some of our guy friends and by the guy I like. I've liked him only for a l ( Full Answer )

Why does he like her?

he might like her because she might much better than u or maybe he has a thing for her lastly he is CHEATING ON YOU GIRL.

Why does he like you?

Because you are special. Because you are who you are and what he is looking for.

Does he like her?

The question: My friend; a girl (L, 17 years old) likes this boy (A, 15 years old). She met him in some website. They never meet in real, but they always talk everyday by PM. And one day the girl said to him that she liked (LIKED - past tense) him. She also clarified that it was past tense, altho ( Full Answer )

John likes 400 but not 300 he likes 100 but not 99 he likes 2500 but not 2400. Which does he like?

He only likes perfect squares. Now that's not right, take a look at the statement again. If he only likes perfect squares then; Why does he like 2500 but not 2400? Answer Answer: he likes numbers that are divisible by four Answer: only posting to reinforce the first answer. John only ( Full Answer )

What are you like?

I am a Christian. I reckon I'm a good girl.. although i have hired 12 prozzies , i am trying 2 beat a world record. but i am i good girl the 3rd 1 told me

What was she like?

She was an African American and sometime in her life master brodas through a weight into her head.

What are they like?

Exhilarating, fun, challenging, freeing, edgy. Narrow, traffic slipping, functional, economical, least depreciating. All types and styles for all men (and women).

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we went to prom together senior year, it was obvious i liked her. we then went to different colleges and didnt really talk for a year. then came summer, i invited her out on our boat and we really had fun. we went on the jet ski together and what not. we ended up hanging out all the time she would c ( Full Answer )

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Getting a lady to like you largely depends on how you present yourself in general but the following are necessary areas to look at;- 1.Let her know that you admire her. 2.Visit her regularly even though she may turn you down. 3.Be keen on why she turned you down. 4.Seek to understand her in ( Full Answer )

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You can't really get somebody to like u but if u just b urself around her she'll like u 4 who u r. and flirt a bit but don't over do it. if she has done somin different wiv her hair then say it looks nice and tha will make her feel special. don't go acting like a complete twit around h ( Full Answer )

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this is really frustrating. theres this lad that really likes me and keeps asking to take me out but i keep saying no cos i dont know if i like him or not. but i heard he was in a crash and i cried loads and got really upset but then luckily it wasnt him and he had said previously he would ask me ( Full Answer )

Why does she like him?

i dont know what ever turns her on!. i dont know what ever turns her on!

What you like to do?

tackle my brother and relax and play alittle bit too.. tackle my brother and relax and play alittle bit too.

How do you be liked?

By not asking this question. Seriously if your asking this you have a problem. Just be yourself people will like it.

Does he like you or her?

Try to talkk to him get to know him and just kind of be nicer. He will fall for it and you will get the guy.

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you get a funny feeling in your heart and everytime he grabs your hand and instead reaches your heart lol that's the rommantic reasoning i should hope but you'll know when you ask the question you only have 1 person on your mind and you wanna just be near him for commfort or happyness

How do you no if she likes you?

You know if a girl likes you if she s always looking at you or talking about you! She has to be mad love with you if she winks at you!! Good Luck! new person here! I'm just adding... k, so I'm a girl. i know this stuff ... i like guys, here. so do my friends. we all do the same thing ... ( Full Answer )

What is Ralph like in Lord of the Flies?

He is fair, in looks and personality. He is tall and attractive and a natural leader. While he indulges in some of the savage acts along with the other boys and gets caught up in the existence of the beast, he sticks by the idea that they must be rescued and keep the fire going.

Why does Ralph like standing on his head?

Ralph seems to have a problem with expressing his feelings in words. Sometimes when he is speaking a 'veil' or a 'curtain' descends in is mind and he loses track of what he is saying. Perhaps he suffers from petit mal epilepsy or perhaps it is a psychological condition resulting from the loss of his ( Full Answer )

Why does Ralph like messy children?

There is absolutely no indication that Ralph, in the book Lord of the Flies, does like messy children. In fact Ralph wishes to be clean. He wants most of all to return home, take a hot soapy bath, clean his teeth, have his hair cut very short and wear clean clothes.

Ralph likes 25 but not 24 he likes 300 but not 400 he likes 144 but not 145 which does he like 10 50 124 200 1600?

i think he does like 10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No, it's actually not 10. It's 1600. Because Ralph likes perfect square roots. The ones he like: √25 = 5 √400 = 20 √144 = 12 The ones he ( Full Answer )

How will you no if he likes you?

Well, There are many signs of a guy liking you...here they are: 1. He will talk to you a lot 2. If you look at him and he quikly looks away, he might like you 3. He smiles at you 4. he MIGHT do this: ask your BFF out and see if you get jealous. 5. look at you often 6. if he does so ( Full Answer )

What he liked?

Guys like a gurl that is sweet caring cute funny and smart so if u r not any of those u r hoplessly wasted

If she likes me why is she with him?

There may be several reasons that keep her from going with you instead. First, she might like you but not love you and that's it. If she does love you more than her current boyfriend, then she probably has problems breaking up with him or feels bad about it.

How do get them to like you?

If you mean in a relationship-type-sense, you don't. All you can do is be yourself, and if they don't like you for who you are, it probably wouldn't have worked out in the end, anyway. Just show your interest. Being direct with people is usually the best method, as most people prefer honesty.

What did Ralph funder look like?

ralph funder looked like an idiot with an stupid beard and obviously an loonaticand i am Garen the famous guy.=)

What do you like about me-?

One thing I like about you is your ability to use a computerservice in order to ask questions that you'd like the answers to. Ilike that your question implies an innate humility.

Do I like you-?

The answer to the question do I like you is relative. If you reallylove the person then the response should be, yes I do.

Does he like me or does he not?

I like this guy and were kinda friends. we pretty much never talknow after I confessed but sometimes, very rarely, we might have alittle conversation on text and he complements me like 'just be uand ur the best' or joke around with me. Does he like me or does henot? I can't tell. Plz, help me! (I'm ( Full Answer )

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Lately I met this old classmate, we exchanged numbers and went on adate. I liked her. 3 days later I sent her an SMS saying I missedher and wanted to see her again. She said she was busy with work.She said she wanted us to be just friends. What do you think? Willshe ever call again?

Why do i like him?

because hes cute and you like his personality, if you are niceenough he may like you too:)