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They are scared and think its the only way out.

EDIT: usually the person is adult (teens only answer for 18% of abortions) and can not maintain a child. so unplanned pregnancy. other reason is that the person was raped, and got pregnant. they don't want the child, so they decide to abort.

Reasons for abortions

In 2000, cases of rape or incest accounted for 1% of abortions. Another study, in 1998, revealed that in 1987-1988 women reported the following reasons for choosing an abortion:

  • 25.5% Want to postpone childbearing
  • 21.3% Cannot afford a baby
  • 14.1% Has relationship problem or partner does not want pregnancy
  • 12.2% Too young; parent(s) or other(s) object to pregnancy
  • 10.8% Having a child will disrupt education or job
  • 7.9% Want no (more) children
  • 3.3% Risk to fetal health
  • 2.8% Risk to maternal health
  • 2.1% Other

According to a 1987 study that included specific data about late abortions (i.e. abortions "at 16 or more weeks' gestation"), women reported that various reasons contributed to their having a late abortion:

  • 71% Woman didn't recognize she was pregnant or misjudged gestation
  • 48% Woman found it hard to make arrangements for abortion
  • 33% Woman was afraid to tell her partner or parents
  • 24% Woman took time to decide to have an abortion
  • 8% Woman waited for her relationship to change
  • 8% Someone pressured woman not to have abortion
  • 6% Something changed after woman became pregnant
  • 6% Woman didn't know timing is important
  • 5% Woman didn't know she could get an abortion
  • 2% A fetal problem was diagnosed late in pregnancy
  • 11% Other
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Q: Reasons for having abortions
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Obamacare will not pay for abortions unless for health reasons which has always been available. The rules about abortion will not change.

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How much are abortions if your having twins?

No different than if pregnant with one.

How many teenage pregnancies are among Christians?

I can't find any numbers on how many Christian teens that are having abortions but they def exist. 17% of all abortions are had by teens and of all abortions do 43% of women obtaining abortions identify themselves as Protestant and 27% as Catholic. That is the closest I can find.

Why do people have abortaions?

People have abortions for many reasons. Most abortions are because the other cannot afford to raise the child or does not or cannot handle the responsibility of raising a child. Many abortions are preformed because of medical issues where the mother's life would be endangered y continuing the pregnancy.

Treatment for missed abortions?

what do you mean by "missed" abortions?

What race of women have the abortions?

All races have abortions.

How much taxpayer money goes to abortions every year?

Taxpayer pay for abortions through Medicaid who helps women below the poverty line in some states, victims of rape and incest and also when a woman's health is at risk in all states. Exactly how much of all the money Medicaid gates each year that is spent on abortions for these reasons I can not find anywhere.

What are some reasons for abortions?

There are two broad categories of abortions: spontaneous and medical. Spontaneous abortions happen randomly. Some of the reasons a female will spontaneously abort include: severe genetic defects in the fetus, physical inability to carry the fetus to term (such as scarring of the uterine wall that prevents or limits placentation), uterine trauma or infection in the uterus, placenta or fetus. Medical abortions are due to humans proactively attempting to cause the fetus to be expelled from the female. Some reasons for this include: severe fetal genetic defect (such as Tay-Sachs, Down's syndrome, etc.), inability of the female to carry the fetus to term (uterine scarring, etc.), conscious decision to terminate the pregnancy for personal reasons (financial, emotional, mental, social, etc.) or medical complications (ie, carrying the fetus to term may cause the death of the mother).

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Yes, illegal aliens have abortions as well.

When was Dayglo Abortions created?

Dayglo Abortions was created in 1979.

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No, the ACA does not fully cover abortions.