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Las Vegas is known for its fame, money, the bright lights. Las Vegas is the right place to go if you're looking to party hard.

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2012-11-08 17:11:23
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Q: Reasons to go to the casino in Las Vegas?
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How can people gamble in Las Vegas?

Actually, people at Vegas usually go at the casino to gamble. They go to the hotel that offers casino, since most hotel at Vegas offers that kind of activities.

Is Las Vegas a good place to vacation in?

I love Las Vegas... i live here in Vegas and the weather is none like you've seen before.. las Vegas is beautiful... you can see desert if your not in the strip (area downtown) and the strip is where all the casinos are and where the malls are... in summerlin there is the casino Red Rock. that is another good hotel/casino... if i werent living in las Vegas and had to vacation.. las Vegas would be a good place to go

How can I find a casino job in Las Vegas?

To find a job in a Las Vegas casino one can go to a website for any of the casinos located in that general area; from there you can go to their job listings page if they have one and you could look to see if there is a job that interests you. Then you would have to contact said casino and acquire an interview from them.

Which casino is the center of the 2004 reality series The Casino?

It is filmed on the Las Vegas strip at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. For more details about Casinos go to

Can 18 year olds go into casinos in nev?

Yes, the Las Vegas Casino allows 18 year olds and up into the Casino. Have fun!

Where can one go to a casino for fun?

There are a number of places one can go to a casino for fun. The most well developed areas for casino gambling and fun in the US include Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Which casino is the best one to go to in Las Vegas?

Definitely the Palms Resort in Casino. Club Palms is awesome; I played there when I went to Vegas for my 21st birthday. Also, they have a Playboy Club that has a really good Casino in it, so basically with Palms you can't go wrong!

What is the largest casino in the worlds?

The largest casino in the world is Las Vegas, too. No one can argue. Even though there are many casinos in Asia, including Macau and Manila, the casino's sensitivity is not keeping up with Las Vegas. It's so high in Las Vegas that some people say they won't go to the casino. So I think online casino is popular these days. I can do it anywhere regardless of place and time and I have the great advantage of doing it at my own pace. Please check out the casino information of Asia's top casino site at 우리카지노 This is

When is emerald star released?

If you go to the bathroom on the 521 floor in las vegas casino the answerswill show up in the light

Which casino uses the most light?

As far as marquees go it would have to be the Golden Horseshoe, Fremont St., Las Vegas

Are children allowed to go to casinos in Las Vegas?

They are allowed to walk through the casino but not allowed to linger on the gaming floor.

Where can I find a cashier job in a Las Vegas casino online?

You can try Monster and Career Builder and go through thier search enginge. You can also try the Las Vegas official site and it will show you how to get a job as a cashier.

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