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There are many famous places in Dublin that people come to see. There is Trinity College Dublin, where the Book of Kells is found. There is the Guinness Brewery, which has public tours. People also visit the Jameson Distillery. Dublin has lots of parks, the largest being the Phoenix Park. Dublin is on the coast, so there are beaches and nice coastal towns. There are also mountains to the south of the city that people visit. From Dublin there are many nearby day trips that can be done, like to Glendalough or Newgrange. Dublin is famous for its pubs. There are many other reasons that people come to Dublin.

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Q: Reasons why tourists are attracted to the Dublin region?
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Q 4 name an irish region you have studied reasons why tourists are attracted to the region Q5 and the imports of transport in the region Thanks?

Tourists are attracted to Irish because it is a pretty place. Some think it is a part of history.

What attracts tourists to a region?

Tourists are attracted to regions due to many reasons. One being the location itself. Whether it is a place of natural beauty with countryside or seaside to discover! Or whether the loctation it's self shows it has intresting history or amusments! These are only a few! It really just depends on the indvidual and their personal intrests!

One airport or port in the Dublin region?

There are a few airports you can go to in the Dublin region. The most popular airport in the Dublin region is Dublin airport.

What region is Dublin in?

The city of Dublin, Ireland, is in the county of Dublin. The county of Dublin is in the province of Leinster.

One named river in the Dublin region and one names mountain in the Dublin region?

The Liffey is the main river in Dublin, being the one the city is built on. The Dublin and Wicklow mountains are to the south of the city.

Explain two factors which influence manufacturing in Dublin region State the name of the region clearly?

The Dublin region is that has airports. It also has rivers and mountains.

Is Dublin a city region or country?

Dublin is a city in Ireland. The city of Dublin is in the county that is also called Dublin. So Dublin is a city and a county. Dublin is not a country.

Region South of Dublin?

The county immediately south of Dublin is County Wicklow.

Explain 2 factors which influence manufacturing in the Dublin region state the name of the region clearly?

There are two factors that influence the Dublin region state. The two factors are rivers and mountains.

Why has the dublin region seen a major population increase since the 1960's?

There would be lots of reasons, but the main one would be people coming in search of work and settling in and around the Dublin area. It is the biggest city in the country, so naturally people move towards it.

Name of the Region south of Dublin?

The county directly south of Dublin is County Wicklow.

What does a host region mean?

Host region refers to the country or region to which people travel; that is, the receiving country or region for incoming tourists.

What is the name of a river and what region is it in?

Liffey in Dublin

Was Kilkenny capital of Ireland before Dublin?

Kilkenny was the capital of what was known as "Confederate Ireland" between 1642 and 1649. This was only parts of Ireland, controlled by Catholic interests. Dublin has been capital of Ireland since the 12th century. During that time, due to historical reasons, colonisation, wars etc., Irish territory has varied, so the region that Dublin could be said to be capital of has also varied.

Explain three reasons why Dublin grew in the decades after Ireland became independent in 1922?

Reasons - 1. the city had high birth rates for several decades after independence. 2. inward migration from the provinces increased the population. 3. dublin became the most important economic region in the country. many companies from abroad, such as google and microsoft, brought more jobs and people to the city

Tourist spot in Region 3 Philippines?

What are the tourists spots in region 3 philippines

How big is the capital of Ireland?

Dublin is the capital of Ireland. If you count the outskirts, it is predicted that the Dublin Region will reach a population of 2.1 million by 2020, and Dublin City will have a population of 610,000.

How many Tourists visit Zimbabwe in a year?

The number of tourists to Zimbabwe is in the region of 2 to 2.5 million a year.

What are the importance of transport in the Dublin region?

There are a few ways to get around in the Dublin region. You can ride around on a bus, the Luas the DART, using bikes provided by the city, by train, by car, or by walking. It is important because Dublin is the capital city and there are a lot of people living and working there that need to get around every day.

What are the basic types of tourists?

The four basic types of tourists are: 1) International tourists- these are persons from outside of your immediate geographical region. 2) Regional tourists- these are persons that are within the same geographic region. 3) Domestic tourists- are persons who travel, but within their own country. 4) Excursionist- this is a person who stays for less than 24 hours.

What are some tourist attractions in the northeast region?

tourist attractions in the northeast region are places that tourists go when they are visiting the northeast

List the top ten tourists region visited in Australia by international tourists?

Each state or territory has it's own delights.

What are the tourists spots in region 12?

ewan qoh lng

What is the region southwest of Dublin?

County Wicklow is to the south of Dublin and Co. Kildare to the west and southwest. Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and 9 other counties are in the province of Leinster, which makes up the eastern part of Ireland.

What is the Irish region southwest of Dublin?

The counties of Wicklow, and in particular Kildare, are the closest south west of Dublin. Dublin is in the province of Leinster, being one of its 12 counties, and the province in the south west of Ireland is Munster.