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Just follow the recipe multiplying the ingredients for 200 people.

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Q: Recipe for kool-aid to serve 200 people?
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One serving of macaroni and cheese is 70 g How many kilograms are needed to serve 200 people?

To serve 200 people, you would need a total of 14,000 grams (70g * 200). To convert this to kilograms, divide by 1,000, which equals 14 kilograms.

If 3 servings of maccaroni and cheese cost 0.99 how much will it cost to serve 200 people?

If all 210 people are eating exactly 1 serving, it will cost around 6,930 cents or $69.

How much have to purchase to serve 200 people four ounces?

800 ounces

How many pounds of macaroni and cheese for 200 people?

One serving of Macaroni and cheese is 70g.How many kilograms are needed to serve 200 people?

How many pounds of french fries do you need to make to serve 200 people?

About 50 pounds should do it

How many pounds of potato salad is needed to serve 150 to 200 people?

Four ounces is considered the normal serving. For 150 to 200 people you will need 40 to 50 pounds. If they are hungry you may want to go more than that!

How much juice would you need to serve 200 people?

depends on how many ozs per serving you would like each individual to have...8 oz. 10 oz. x 200 people. then divide by 128 oz in a gallon.

How do you break down a recipe for 200 to 2?

divide all the measurements by 100.

What is the average school lunch calories serve in?


How much punch to serve 200 guests at a wedding reception?

If you serve them individual cup cakes then 200.

Will 200 g of nuts per serve make you fat overnight?


How many pounds of potato would you use in making potato salad for 200 people?

I would use 50 pounds. I would serve 4 oz portions.