Red and black spiders

Updated: 10/8/2023
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There are a number of jumping Spiders that are orange and black such as phidippus whitmani, phidippus cardinalis, and phidippus pulcherrimus. Others that are orange and black are castianeira amoena and misumenoides formosipes.

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Where do you live? I have a spider with that description on my back porch, I'm feeding him fies :)

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most likely to be a black widow

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Q: Red and black spiders
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Are red and black spiders poison?

*The black WIDOW spider is, not the black window. that doesn't exist! LOL

Are black spiders poisonus?

not unless they have red on their back

What do you call a black spider with red dots on its body?

There are a number of different spiders that could be described as black spiders with a red dot on their back including the Black Widow, the Australian Redback spider and the Jumping Spider.

What red backed spiders in AZ?

Black widows sometimes have spots of red on the back.

What should you do if you see spiders with red marks?

Stay away, they are venomous. For example Black Widows have red marks they are one of the deadliest spiders out there! Be careful!

What spiders do you get?

I get wolf spiders, triantulas, daddy long legs, black widows, babboon spiders, mini crab spiders, and a red stomach spider the size of my foot

Why are red back spiders in the Latrodectus Genus?

Because redback spiders are related to the black widow just they are in different parts of the world

What is the difference between black and white spiders?

Closely related. Black widow has an hour glass red mark underneath its abdomen while the red back has a red mark (not hourglass) on top of its abdomen.

Are spider vertebrate or invertebrate?

Are black and red spider monkeys verbally or in verb it

Where can you find black widow spiders?

What does it mean to dream about killing black spiders on your wall and killing a big black spider with a red skull on it?

It means you need a therapist.

What kind of spider has the top half of the body red and the bottom half of the body black?

Black Widow spiders are native to tropical climates and are poisonous. They have a mostly black body with a large red spot.