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There are many different types if teaching professions. You could be a professor, art teacher, music teacher or a Martial Arts teacher.

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Q: Relationship between teaching and profession
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Which profession emphasizes the relationship between the person and the environment?

social work

What are your realization about the teaching profession an magnacarta?

realization about teaching?

Why you choose a teaching profession?

because you want to

Is teaching a mission vocation of profession?

Teaching can be both a mission and a profession. Some individuals view teaching as a calling or vocation, driven by a deep sense of purpose and commitment to guiding and shaping the lives of others. At the same time, teaching is also a recognized profession with its own standards, training requirements, and career pathways.

The teacher as a person in society reference?

the teaching profession

What is full form of LT?

In teaching profession LT stands for Licentiate Teaching. It is equivalent to B.Ed.

Who was given a list of responsibilities in the teaching profession?

yes,this will be importing.

Most important profession open to women in 1900?


What did Thomas Edison teach?

Nothing, teaching was not Edison's profession.

Why is teaching considered a profession?

teaching is a profession because one has to undergo a long education first before he or she can teach and only licensed teachers can, it could not be anybody's job

Why is teaching considered a calling?

Because the members of the teaching profession like to make more of what they do than is factual or necessary.

What is the similarities and differences between legal profession and teaching profession?

Both legal and teaching professions involve imparting knowledge and expertise to others. However, the legal profession primarily deals with laws, regulations, and justice system, while the teaching profession focuses on disseminating academic subjects and skills. Additionally, lawyers typically represent clients in legal matters, while teachers guide and educate students in various subjects.