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replace a window lift motor for a 2002 gmc sierra?

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Q: Replace a window lift motor for a 1986 GMC sierra?
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How do you replace 1986 Ford F350 power window motor?

If the window motor runs, replace the plastic spacers with ball bearings or bolt nuts. Oliver said it.

Can the gear on power window motor be replaced 1986 silverado?

Yes. They do sell a window motor GEAR KIT.

Will a GM 1986 4.3l motor bolt up to a GM 1984 s15 high sierra?

The 4.3 is a V6. If the Sierra had a V6 in it, then it will. If it had a V8 in it, then you will have to move the motor mounts and/or purchase motor mounts for the conversion.

Where is the power window motor mounted in a 1986 Lincoln town car?

motor is mounted inside the door

Do you have to take the whole motor off to replace the clutch on a 1986 Yamaha yz 250s?


How do you replace ac blower motor in a 1986 Lincoln Mark VII?

Remove the wiring harness from the back of your 1986 Lincoln air conditioning blower motor. Remove the blower motor retaining bolts. Remove the fan on the front of the blower motor. Reverse the process to install the new blower motor.

What is the price of a 1986 Jeep Comanche window motor?

Today's date is October 13, 2005 and this ad is on eBay today: WINDOW MOTOR JEEP Cherokee, 84-86 starting price is 55.00 and buy it now is 80.00; at the time of purchase you let the seller know which window you need the motor for. I assume that means they have them in stock.

What would cause backfiring through the throttle body in a 1986 gmc sierra pickup with a 350?

Backfiring in any motor is either badly out of time or a burnt valve.

How do you adjust the headlights on a 1986 fiero to go up and down at the same time?

Replace the slow headlight motor.

Is there any way to roll up the rear window on a 1986 Ford Bronco manually until i can find out what the problem is internally?

yes, you must remove the door panel and remove the window motor bolts enough to move the window freely, once you have it up you can put the window motor back in in order to hold it in place. it works if you get the teeth lined up trust me i just did it :)

What is the factory transmission for 1986 GMC sierra 2wd truck?

My 1986 GMC High Sierra 1500 stock transmission is a 700R4. My 1986 GMC High Sierra 1500 stock transmission is a 700R4. it could also be a th 400

When was Sierra Trading Post created?

Sierra Trading Post was created in 1986.

Will a power window motor from a 94 Nissan Altima fit in an 86 300ZX?

1985 - 1988 Nissan Maxima is the only other Nissan model with power window motors that will fit a 1986 300ZX.

Why is wrong when power window on 1986 BMW 318i works only when the door is open?

I would suspect an intermittent short in the wiring to the power window motor in the section between the door and the door jam.

How do you replace the starter motor on a Honda V65 Magna 1986?

Look in front of the motor,under muffler pipes,there you will find the starter motor.Take two mounting screws out and remove wire.

When was Sierra Snow born?

Sierra Snow was born on March 15, 1986, in Georgia, USA.

Would having 2.5 true dual exhaust flowmaster 40's with no cats mess up the computer for the electronic choke on a 1986 GMC sierra 2500 w305 H motor?


How do you replace ignition switch on 1986 GMC sierra pickup?

pulled steering wheel still cant get plastic cover off to acess switch any help

How do you manually roll up rear window 1986 bronco after tailgate panel is off?

Try lubing all moving parts then.....good luck using the motor

What kind of speakers does a 1986 GMC sierra have?


What is a 1986 ruben sierra card worth?


1986 z24 motor in Nissan 4by4swants to miss and trie to shut down at 3500rpm?

if u have a carburator.iwould replace with a webber 32/36 carb.

How can you manually roll up a 1986 ford bronco rear window?

If its the bronco XLT you'll have to take the tail gate paneling off the inside. The motor, gears, etc. for the rear window are located in there. I had the same problem with mine sometime back.

The drivers side window on a 1986 Buick Lesabre is still on it's track but crooked the pinbearing in the back of the well is missing resulting in a guilitine effect how do you resolve this?

The window track system for the 1986 LeSabre needs to gone over thoroughly. Look for any loose or worn tracks or bearings. Replace the pinbearing and lube all necessary components. Its basically a full rebuild of the window track system.

Location of 1986 buick park ave motor mounts?

There are four motor mounts on the 1986 Buick Park Ave. There is one motor mount on each corner of the motor. The motor mounts will be on the bottom of the motor.