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Just did one today. It was a 94 Jimmy w/ a 4.3 early Vortec, but all the 4.3s are similar. First, number your plug wires on your cap so you don't get them mixed up. Then remove the wires from the cap, just let them hang. Next, remove the cap, it gives you a touch more room to work. Then, remove the 2 harnes plugs from the rear of the distributor. Mark the distributor base and an adjacent point on the engine so you can get the new distributor close on the timing. Do the same with the point of the rotor button. Use a 14mm socket on a 1/4 inch drive and loosten the hold down bolt at the base of the distributor. No need to remove, just slide the hold down bracket back. Gently pull the distributor out. There is room, it clears easily. Soak the lower shaft of the new distributor in some clean motor oil, rotate it to distribute the oil. Install the new distributor. Start with it slightly CCW from where you need the rotor button to end up (the gear will turn it slightly as it seats. Make sure your alignment marks line up. Don't force it, the gear has to mesh, and the oil pump shaft has to mate to the bottom of the distributor. If it doesn't seat easily, lift slightly and try again. Place the hold down clamp in position and snug the bolt slightly. Reinstall the 2 harness wire plugs in back, the cap and the plug wires. It should fire right up. Warm the engine and check the timing. Sticker under the hood gives timing specs.

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Q: Replacing a distributor on a 2001 4.3L Chevy motor?
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