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they always had the right to vote

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Q: Right for women to vote in Ghana?
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What is the significance of the 19 amendment?

It gave American women the right to vote in elections.

What did the women's did to have the right to vote?

women had the right to vote in the 1920. the law of women being able to vote is the 19th amendment in the constitution.

What did the nineteenth amendment give?

It gave women the right to vote.

When did women get right to vote in Saudi Arabia?

Women like men have the right to vote.

What right was denied to women After the Revolutionary?

the right to vote The right to vote

What right did the women not have have in the US?

a long time ago women weren't allowed to vote or to own property.

When did women get the right to vote in California?

Woman in California got the right to vote in 1911

When were women given the right to vote in Queensland?

Women were given the right to vote in Queensland in 1905.

When did greek women gain the right to vote?

The women of Greece were given the right to vote in 1952

Colonial women did not have this right?

Colonial women couldn't vote or own property.

How famous is warren harding?

he gave women the right to vote he gave women the right to vote

According to the readings What right did women demand in the United states?

Women demanded the right to vote.