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Rimless eyeglasses are becoming a fashion statement more than anything else now. Just like reading glasses, eye wear could also protect our eyes from different dust and ele4metns. But many people don't actually know how to take care of their rimless eyeglasses, that is the reason why you should also take extra safety precaution when using your rimless eyeglasses, so it won't easily be broken. Some eyeglasses are easily go out of shape and bent out. This is because some eye wearer does not know how to use their eyeglasses and carelessly broke them. There are some tips in order take care of your rimless eyeglasses. When you take it off, you must be very careful and use your two hands, through this way, your frame will not be stretch out and bend. Be careful every time, because you might sit or push them which might cause their malfunction. When you are not using them, you can keep them in its case for better protection and keeping. Proper care will definitely make your rimless frame last even a lifetime.

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Q: Rimless frame are easily broken how do you make sure they last?
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