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Arabic spelling : زهره ليس لها مثيل

Pronounced like : " Zahra Laisa Laha Matheel "

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Q: Rose like no other translation in Arabic?
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What is the Arabic translation of the word love?

Arabic spelling : حبPronounced like : Hobb

What is the Arabic translation of Jerusalem?

The Arabic word is Al Quds and it's spelled like this in Arabic: القدس.

How do you say 'same like you' in Arabic?

Translation: Methlak (مثلك)

What is the Arabic translation for Michael?

hi , I'm sabah ; ok you write it in Arabic like this way مايكل enjoy with your name

What is the Arabic word for keyboard?

Translation: Loha al-mafatih (لوحة المفاتيح) Note: Like the English, this can refer to a computer keyboard, a electric piano-type keyboard, and other similar devices.

How do you say bat in Arabic?

It depends on the bat.If you are referring to the club-like instrument used in baseball, the translation is: Madreb (مضرب)If you are referring to the flying mammal, the translation is: Khuffash (خفاش)

What language family does Lebanese Arabic belong to?

The dialect of Arabic used in Lebanon is a Semitic language like all other dialects of Arabic.

How do you say cook in Arabic?

The kitchen in Arabic is called matbakh and it's spelled like this: مطبخ.

What is the meaning of anahh habibi in Arabic?

Translation: Come on, boyfriend/girlfriend.

What is the Egyptian Arabic word for ice?

Translation: talj (ثلج) and galid (جليد)Note that because in Egyptian Arabic the ث is pronounced like a "t" and the the ج is pronounced like a "g", the transliterations have been changed accordingly.

How do Arabic men greet Arabic women?

They say as-salaamu alaykum like they do with any other Arab woman.

What is the Arabic translation for the quote 'Live like its the last day you will ever see'?

The Arabic translation for the quote "Live like it's the last day you will ever see" isنعيش مثل ذلك هو آخر يوم رأيتها على الاطلاق"Na'ish mathal dhalika huwa akhir yaum raitaha 'ala-l-talaq."