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It is already rounded to the nearest tenth.


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If you round before multiplying, 42.8 x 0.1 = 4.28 If you round after multiplying, 3.4272 to the nearest tenth is 3.4

.08 or 8 centavos. If the cut off digit is 5-9 round up. If the cut off digit is 0-4 round down.

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Look at the third decimal place. If it is under 5 (as it is in this case), it rounds to .07. If the third decimal place was 5 or higher, it would round to .08.

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You are free to round any number you like. The point about the next decimal being a five or higher is that you would then round up to a higher figure (for example, .0835 can be rounded up to .084) whereas, if the number is 4 or less, you would round down to a lower number (for example, .083 can be rounded down to .08).

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