Rules of Wrestling?

Well, you can't lock hands. Don't leave the ring. No chokes. If you have long hair you have to have it cut or in a net of some sort. You wear a singlet. 2 points for a takedown. 1 point for an escape. 2 points for a reversal. No slamming. If you pick your opponent up off the mat you have to return the safely ( unless in college wrestling). You have to wear wrestling shoes. You start standing up, then in the second round a coin toss and then they pick top, bottom (referee's position) or up (standing). In the third round the other opponent chooses. Your objective is to pin your opponent and if not you can win by points or forfit, which usually means they show up but they can also choose not to wrestle and forfit. You can go into overtime if the score is tied and the first person to get a takedown wins.