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No, armour does not affect woodcutting, only the hatchet you use, the tree you chop, and your woodcutting level affecct the results of woodcutting. Unless, of course, you are wearing or using special amulets, etc. However,I have not yet found an amulet of woodcutting.

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No, Armour does not affect your woodcutting skill. feel free to wear anything you would like :D

No, fishing with armor on does not affect how much you catch or how fast you catch it

gold armor is called gilded armor in runescape and is gained through treasure trails

Tier 90 Armor (Malevolent, Sirenic, etc) are the best sets of Armor in RuneScape 3.

Armor does not effect your character's ability in any way. Just the appearance.

You can't trim armor on RuneScape if someone tells you they can trim your armor don't give them your armor they are scammers

If you are a member on runescape them you should get Guilded Armor or Gunthix armor. If you are not a member i suggest that you get Rune Armor. (Gold plated armor dose not change the strength of the armor at all) Hope This helps =)

There is no "best" armor in runescape, but armor such as the "nex" armor (Torva, Virtus, & Pernx) are some of the more elite types. Nex armor is dropped by the monster Nex in the gwd.

Combat armor is for melee while drudic armor is for mage.

No, but you can purchase trimmed armor from members.

The next level would be rune armor.

The "Satan Oracle" armor is from a youtube video. It is not part of the real runescape. The user used photoshop or something to edit fake armor onto his character.

Take a piece of armor and use an orange dye on it.

you have to get the sprint armor ability and hold down the armor ability button. (LB)

In Runescape you cannot make granite armor the only types of armor you can make areBronzeIronSteelBlackMithrilAdamantRuneAnd some pieces of Dragon armor

Of course it protects you! Certain armor protect more then others.

buy it from G.E (grand exchange)

Make it, buy it,or get it as drops.

Granite armor is the best armor to wear with 51 defence members.

When you borrow an item in RuneScape for a certain amount of time, you can discard it by right-clicking it and choosing "Discard". They will not be able to retrieve the armor if you are using it.

In battle, the ability Magma Armor prevents freezing. Outside of battle, if the Pokemon with Magma Armor and an egg are in the party, Magma Armor will halve the number of steps required for an egg to hatch.The following Pokemon have Magma Armor: Slugma (dual ability with Flame Body), Magcargo (dual ability with Flame Body) and Camerupt (dual ability with Solid Rock).

I Think its 3rd age armor but the are very high lvl shields though.

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