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Rust is made up of?

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Rust is made up of iron oxide.

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What are the properties and characteristics of rust?

RUST is made up of WATER and AIR(OXYGEN). RUST is made up of WATER and AIR(OXYGEN). RUST is made up of WATER and AIR(OXYGEN).

Why is rust an element?

Rust is not an element. Rust is a compound which is made up of iron oxide.

Why is rust different from the iron or oxygen?

Rust is different because, RUST IS MADE UP OF OXYGEN & IRON!!!

Rust is made up of two elements iron and?

Rust is iron oxide made of iron and oxygen.

What makes cans rust?

The inside of a soda can is made of aluminum that is why they do not rust they only rust if the aluminum is all scratched up.

Why do ships rust?

because they are made of metal. And they are in water, which can speed up the oxidation of iron. rust is iron oxide.

Why does a tin can get rusty even though tin does not rust?

A tin can rust as tins are commonly made of tin coated steel, and although tin cannot rust, if the steel underneath it gets exposed, as steel is mostly made up of iron, and iron rusts, the can will rust.

Is rust an organic compound?

Rust is made by Fe and O. So rust is not organic.

Which screw will rust faster an iron screw or a metal screw?

of course it is the iron screw because it is made up of minerals that rust faster then metal

Why the teaspoon will not rust?

It is made of stainless steel and that doesn't rust.

Who made rust?

Rust has existed for longer than humans have so no one first made it.

What makes pennies rust?

Pennies don't rust. Rust technically speaking is iron oxide and pennies have little to no iron. They do however oxidize, tuning them green from the copper which makes up most of the metal they are made from.

Will Nails rust while underwater?

Yes, I would expect nails to rust while in H2O. H2O is made up of water and oxyegen, and it takes both to form rust. Rust takes a lot of time to form, so it might not even be an overnight process.

What is the main compound in rust?

The scientific name for rust is iron oxide. It is made up of the elements iron and oxygen. Turning iron to iron oxide is an example of corrosion.

Why don't car radiators rust?

car radiators used to be made of copper, copper doesnt rust. most radiators are now made from aluminum.aluminum also does no rust

What is rust made of?

Rust is iron(II) oxide (also known as ferrous oxide), it is made from iron and oxygen.

What is rust made of other than water?

Rust is not made of water nut the oxygen in water. It is also made of the metal that was original until made rusty

How fast will a penny rust in pop?

Pennies do not rust because they are made of copper

What two kinds of atoms are rust made out of?

Rust is a compound of iron and oxygen.

Why do bicycle brakes rust?

They are exposed to the weather and are not made of a rust-proof metal.

Can Acrylic plastic Rust?

No, to rust something hast to be made of or contain Iron.

Does aluminum rust in the sun?

No. Not only can aluminum itself not rust, since rust is the oxidation of iron, but the sun does not cause rust or speed it up, the water in the air helps speed up the oxidation process.

What is the two elements that make up rust?

Iron and oxygen are the two elements that make up rust.

Why do pennys rust?

In recent years pennies have been made of steel plated in copper, and steel is prone to rust. Older pennies were made of pure copper, or copper and zinc, which did not rust.

Is rust an element?

Rust is an iron oxide compound. There are several different iron oxides that make up rust.

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