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The starting salary for a fashion journalist is about 10,000. The salary of a professional fashion journalist is anywhere from 35,000-60,000.

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Q: Salary range for a fashion journalist?
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What is a fashion designers salary range?

what is a fashion desingers salary range?A fashion designers salary range is near $11,840 yearly.Fashion Designer Salary Data:Lowest Salaries$30,000Average Salaries$62,610Highest Salaries$117,120Fashion Design Salaries by Industry:Management of companies$70,570Apparel manufacturing$69,810

What is the salary of an assistant fashion designer?

Starting salary range: $8/hour - $15/hour

How much does a journalist get paid per year?

Journalist salary in the US varies by company and location. I search on, a site that offers salary information for jobs specific to companies and job titles. You can find salary range and starting salary paid by companies for journalist jobs at:

How much money do fashion models make?

A Fashion Model can make a salary range from $17,000 to $117,000.

When was Michael Roberts - fashion journalist - born?

Michael Roberts - fashion journalist - was born in 1948.

What is the range of a fashion designer's salary?

the range in 2010 through 2020 is 31.02 per hour and 64,530 per year

Average salary for broadcast journalist?

The estimated average salary of a new broadcast journalist is $43,640 per year.

Salary of fashion designer at Dubai?

fashion designer salary in dubai

America ferrera is a fashion journalist in which channel 4 series?

America Ferrera is a fashion journalist on the show Ugly Betty.

What qualifications do you need to be a fashion journalist?

You should probably have a fashion merchandising or journalist degree. However, if you are a good writer with a strong interest or knowledge in fashion, you will do well.

One year salary for a fashion designer?

what is the salary for a fashion designer a year?

What is the salary of journalist?

In 2004, the median salary for journalists and correspondents was $31320

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